Exploring Diverse Clocks Style for Your Living Room Decor

Clocks come in many styles from classic to contemporary and each style has the power to embrace the overall ambiance of your living room.

An area that demands the most stylish decor and interiors is the living room. It’s a room where most of our time is spent. Family and friends sit together in the living room only to talk about the day or spend some quality time together. Of course, comfortable seats and sofas are a must but one shouldn’t forget the functionality. To achieve this it’s necessary to carefully select a perfect clock for your living room wall and shelf. Clocks come in many styles from classic to contemporary and each style has the power to embrace the overall ambiance of your living room. Keeping this functionality in mind, we’ll explore different clock types and styles to make an informed choice for your living room according to its interior.

clocks for your living room

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1. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are the most common type of clock for your living room. They have this unique ability to blend with a range of design aesthetics. It doesn’t matter if you choose a classic round design with roman numerals or a minimalist and sleek model with clean lines or some oversized statement pieces that covers the entire wall and drives the attention. When you place it in your living room, it makes the room both functional and decorative. This creates a dramatic impact in the room’s overall look and feel of the long walls.

2. Mantel Clocks

If you are a 90’s baby then these kinds of mantel clocks represent a bygone era of classic elegance. These clocks are designed to be placed on mantels, shelves or any flat surface of your wall. It becomes a decorative element with no boundaries on the available types that you want to select according to your taste. The details that a clock has is more of intricate designs, ornate details and fine craftsmanship. If you get this clock in your living room it enhances the traditional look with a sleek design giving a modern look to the setting. It is nothing but an item that decorates your living room and becomes a conversation starter.

3. Grandfather Clocks

You remember those long case clocks that are freestanding timepieces in many homes? Yes, those are called grandfather clocks. It has graced homes for centuries that makes it a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship. They get all the attention from your living room because of their tall structures and intricate woodwork. They mostly have a pendulum and chimes to the clock that becomes both visual and auditory appeal. They chime on every hour that contributes to the ambiance of the living room. While they may be considered traditional, they have a timeless quality that can fit seamlessly into both classic and eclectic interiors.

4. Oversized Clock

If you want to go a bit extreme then oversized clocks should be your pick. It covers the entire wall of your living room that becomes a center of attention. The versatile size that they have gives an intricate design and legible display to the room that becomes a functional and decorative staple. If you want to get this type of clock then your picks can be rustic one, distressed wood and other modern metallic elements. These clocks significantly transform your living room into a space that lifts up with confidence and style.

The living room clock that you choose should be picked mindfully. Clocks are more than timekeepers, they become a staple to decor that influence the ambiance and personality of the living room. It doesn’t matter what kind of clock you choose, each style brings its own beauty and charm in the living room. Go on and try your hands at these clocks keeping your rooms theme in mind.

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