Five Important Changes Drivers Need to Know This Month – Including Mots and Licenses

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world – it’s hard to find a country that hasn’t registered a single case. Ever since the virus was discovered back in January, the world has undergone hundreds of changes – some introduced on a global level, such as masks, while some only in specific countries.

The pandemic hasn’t spared drivers – due to the fact that the virus spreads incredibly fast, the government decided to grant several MOT and license extensions back in March, when the pandemic reached its height. However, how does the situation look like now? Well, quite a bit is going to change this month, which is why it is important to know about it – otherwise, you might find yourself looking for motor offence lawyers in your area.

If you are interested in what things are going to be like in the next or so months, all you have to do is keep reading.

Extended Validity of Photocard Driving Licenses

DVLA, short for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, has decided to extend the deadline for renewing the out-of-date driving licenses due to the backlog of work. This means that if your license was about to expire between the 1st of February and the 31st of December of 2020, you would automatically be qualified for an extension.

The extension is 11 months long, and apart from the expired licenses, it also applies to drivers older than 70 who need to renew their driving entitlement. The drivers who had their license extended do not need to renew them until they receive a reminder, which will be sent to them before the license expires again.

Additional 395.000 Driving Tests Available

As you probably know, several businesses and institutions were forced to stop working – including those responsible for driving tests, which were suspended for a few months.

However, the Driving Standard Agency has decided on the 14th of September to extend the period during which it will be possible to take a driving exam, which means additional 395.000 possible test appointments.

Extended Insurance Pledges to Support Policyholders

Pledges that the members of the Association of British Insurers made in order to support policyholders have been extended until the end of October. The policyholders don’t need to contact their insurance company in order to extend their cover or update their documents.

Essential workers who need their cars to reach their workplaces and those who want to help during the pandemic by delivering groceries, medicines, etc. to those affected by the situation also don’t need to worry about extending their covers.

Help For Those Struggling With Money

As you probably know, the coronavirus pandemic has left many people in a bad financial situation. Due to businesses being closed, many people have lost their only source of income. While they might have some money to pay for essential things like rent and food, paying for a car might be slightly out of their reach – at least temporarily.

That’s why in July, FCA, which stands for the Financial Conduct Authority, announced that they want to extend the temporary measures that were introduced to help drivers struggling with money to keep up with their car payments.

The measures they were referring to include payment flexibility, as well as waiving fees for cancellation or any amendment, like reducing annual mileage for car insurance. The insurers also had the option to offer other products that would help meet the person’s needs better.

The measures are currently extended until the end of October.

MOT Extension

The MOT extension that the government introduced earlier this year has officially ended on the 1st of August, which means that any vehicle that is due for a check-up now needs to be checked before the renewal deadline.

If you are the one who has received the extension, you have six months from the day your check-up was due to renew it.

The government estimates that there will be more than 11 million due for a check-up in the upcoming months, so if you still haven’t done it, you should check when your MOT ends – otherwise, you are risking getting a £1.000 fine.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, quite a few measures taken by the government back in March are going to end this month or have already ended. It’s important to know about them, as the situation is changing all the time, and not knowing what is going on can cost even up to £1.000 as you could see.

And about the pandemic? Well, it’s still around, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon – that’s for sure. What’s it going to be like in a few months? That’s something only time will tell. However, be aware that your actions also influence how long this is going to last for, so the best thing you can at the moment is to wear your mask and follow the government’s instructions. Good luck.