CBD Oil Pet Products Side Notes

The cannabinoid that pet parents use to reduce their discomfort has the same potential for the many different varieties of scaly, furry, feathered, hooved creatures that people call pets. 

Humans and animals develop exceptionally close bonds with people needing to protect and care for pets with the same thought and consideration that they give their own wellness. 

Cannabidiol has come to be known globally for its powerful properties in potentially reducing symptoms in both mental and physical situations for people. More pet parents are giving these products to their faithful companions with similar results as seen with humans. But not everyone understands the compound fully. See potential benefits of the substance for fur babies here.

Side Notes On CBD Oil Pet Products

While pet parents are anxious to try CBD oil with their beloved companions, a few are somewhat hesitant due to there being some confusion about the compound. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to do thorough research into the substance using knowledgeable resources who can provide all the necessary facts for your inquiries. Some side notes to help the process will begin here:

  • CBD Is A Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoid: Unlike THC, CBD does not produce an intoxicating effect. The substance results in a more calming, relaxing sensation than that of its psychoactive cousin. Cannabidiol will not affect the animal’s state of consciousness. 

THC has properties that lead to intense sensations of euphoria and the “high” that is experienced with marijuana. This cannabinoid is not safe for pets, but CBD as a cannabinoid reacts in the completely opposite regard with no intoxication 

making it legal and completely safe for pets.  There are companies, ,check out their products here which have no trace of THC. Make sure to buy only high-grade brands that follow legal guidelines.

  • All Endocannabinoid Systems Are Equal: These can comprise mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, or perhaps birds, but all of these have a common endocannabinoid system. Because of this fact, their biological system allows neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors to bind. Through that process, CBD oil has the capacity to enhance overall wellness.

The science is not there yet for animals, especially those outside cats and dogs, but there is an ever-evolving “interest” in holistic “cannabis-based” remedies with research slowly heading in that direction.

  • The Ideal Form with The Best Results Is Oil:  There are many forms of CBD on the market, including pet treats and soft gels, but the ideal delivery for the cannabinoid notes to be through oils or tinctures. These are simple to dose compared to other methods. 

The effect is instant as the substance goes immediately to the bloodstream when taken under the tongue or jowls. You can also mix it in with food or put it in the water bowl if administering proves to be a challenge.

  • It Is Legal to Give Your Pet CBD Oil: The compound is legal to administer for your faithful friend and is completely safe for use with few adverse effects. The only reactions noted are potential sensitivity to the trace THC and if there is an excessive dose of CBD given. These effects are short-lived and mostly involve sleeping. 

If you purchase a lower quality product that has elevated THC levels, there is a possibility for toxicity proving dangerous for an animal. In either situation, you should visit the vet for medical care and to ensure safety. Go to for vets’ opinions on CBD.

It is never wise to start a course of any supplement, drug, herb, or product without the express knowledge of a reputable vet even if no other medications are being taken. There could be a possible underlying medical condition or the potential for a reaction. 

The medical provider can lead you in the direction of high-grade products and quality brands to help prevent the possibility of obtaining substances with toxic ingredients.

Final Thought

Research is ongoing, with new information coming out all the time. Hopefully, more work will be done to show how the compound works with the animal population in the longer term to make sure there are no ill effects down the road. 

What has been reported so far stands on the positive side of the debate for holistic “cannabis-based” remedies. For pet parents, it is merely a matter of staying informed as research becomes available in an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our beloved creatures.