Best Pickup Trucks of 2023

You are planning on buying a new pickup truck, but the choices are overwhelming. 

You want something that looks great, runs well, and gets decent gas mileage. A few pickup trucks released in the year 2023 stand out from the rest.

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There are a few cars you should consider when you are looking for your new vehicle. 

2023 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab

The Ford F150 is a favorite of both consumers and automobile critics and is a Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award winner. It is a good choice for both personal and professional use. Starting at around $33,695, it is one of the more affordable trucks out there. 

The Ford F150 offers a comfortable driving experience and a smooth ride. With 450 horsepower and 4-wheel drive, the F150 has amazing off-roading abilities. 

You will be able to choose from many different interior features. If you want some extra features, you can get massaging seats, lockable storage, and rear-powered sliding doors. 

2023 Toyota Tacoma

This mid-size pickup is a great value for the money. Consumers love it, and it is one of the most frequently purchased trucks in its class. The price starts at just $27,250.

The Toyota Tacoma offers many options. You will have your choice of a V-4 or V-6 engine. There are also two different bed sizes to choose from. The beds come with composite lining and storage, which can be a great advantage when you are moving or traveling.

The Toyota brand has long been known for its safety features, including a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and forward collision warning. 

Honda Ridgeline 2023

The Honda Ridgeline is one of the easiest pickup trucks to handle because it feels more stable than most pickup trucks. Consumers have raved about the smooth ride it offers, and the cab is considered as comfortable as that of an SUV.

The Ridgeline starts at $39,000. Although it is not the cheapest pickup truck on the market this year, it gets 24 miles per gallon on the highway, which is higher than most of its competitors. The only downside is that it is not designed for off-roading. It is a compact pickup that is perfect for work and personal use. 

2023 Ram 1500

The Ram Truck 1500 gets raves for its gas mileage and features an optional hybrid engine. The cabin is also very large and comfortable. U.S. News and World Report gave it a 9 out of 10 ranking. 

It has an intuitive infotainment system that can help cut down on distracted driving. It connects to the driver’s cell phone and allows them to make calls and control the radio with voice commands.