7 Auspicious Colors To Wear On Different Days of The Week

Not unless you have a personal designer who guides you on what to wear every day, chances are that you struggle before settling on your clothing and its color. You even waste time choosing the right colors for the day.

But then, are there any colors you should consider on certain days? For instance, which color do you think you should consider on the first day of the week? In addition, does your career affect the colors you should consider for each day of the week?

Different people will give you different opinions, and you might be left wondering whose opinion you should follow. However, we have come to your rescue and will provide you with auspicious colors you can wear on different days of the week.

But Why Different Colors on Different Days of the Week?

You might have your own reasons why you need to wear different auspicious colors on different colors of the week. Everyone does, but most of the time, you might be driven by what you do or interact with every day.

That notwithstanding, chances are you are looking for auspicious colors for different days of the week because of your speculative profession. We would not be wrong to say you are in options trading, or other similar careers.

Whatever the case is, here are auspicious colors you should consider on different days of the week.

1. Monday – White

You can look at Monday as the day for new beginnings. If you want to change your career or even seek suggestions on what to change, then you can do that on Monday. 

Monday is also considered the best day for you if you want to change anything related to your finances. So, which color is best suited for new beginnings? You can choose white for your Mondays. White can also bring positive vibes to your day, meaning that you get to start the week on a positive note.

2. Tuesday – Red

According to Ayurveda, the planet Mars rules Tuesdays. You, therefore, need to look at Tuesday as the day of strength and power. Which color do you think portrays these two? Of course, red is the color of power.

If you want to face your opponents or handle laborious or difficult administrative tasks, Tuesday is also the best day for you. You can choose the red color for Tuesday. Did you know that you can use red wall decor in your home as a sign of power and strength? Now you know!

3. Wednesday – Green

Do you have any green days in your week? If it is not Wednesday, you must have picked the wrong day. Wednesday comes with a lot of energy, and we can all use this energy in different ways to make ourselves and the world a better place.

Wednesday is also a great day for you if you want to handle tasks related to money, such as banking or investing. It is also a great day to work with other people and learn new things, especially those that need retentive memory. Green is the best color for you on Wednesdays.

4. Thursday – Yellow

Have you ever woken up feeling spiritually active, charismatic, and courageous? If you can remember well, you will find that most of the time it is always on Thursdays. This is the day when you will communicate with your peers without any issues.

It is also one of the days you can learn new things, be creative at what you do, and improve on governance. Yellow is the best-suited color for Thursdays. Did you know you can add this color to your kids’ rooms to help improve concentration and creativity? You can also do the same for your office.

5. Friday – Pink

There are days of the week when you feel more stable and happy. Friday is definitely that day. If you want to start new things like changes in your career or relationship, then Friday is the best day for you.

You can also use Fridays to fulfill and achieve the goals of your life. Imagine spending the whole week working on your projects and not achieving your goals. Friday is the last working day of the week, so you have another chance to achieve your goals

But which color do you need? Well, pink is the best color for Fridays. It is used to represent beauty and success.

6. Saturday – Black and Purple

Chances are you do not work on Saturdays, but you might have events to attend or even people to visit. Some people also work on Saturdays, so they might want an auspicious color to wear.

That notwithstanding, Saturday should be a day for you to rest and handle any issues you might have faced throughout the week. Black and purple are the best colors for you on Saturdays, as they remind you about your strength and help you deal with any challenges you might have faced.

7. Sunday – Orange

Since you have been busy throughout the week, do not forget that you also need to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate your achievements. Sunday is the best day for this, and orange is the color for Sunday.

Finding the best colors to wear on different days of the week might be challenging for you. Even if you manage to curate your own, finding meaning for every color you choose might be difficult. This article not only provides you with auspicious colors for every day of the week but also the meaning of each color.