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Scarves For Men – Wrap Up & Stay On Trend This Winter

Scarves have hit the streamline fashion ever since Shah Rukh khan, Hrithik Roshan,  Aamir khan and Salman khan began wearing them. The basic scarf is the ‘Arab scarf’, it comes in a variety of colors usually black and a bright color and it’s more for a celebrity like look.  For those men who are just now to wearing scarves, must stick to a neutral to earthy palette and get a classy clean look with a silk type scarf that you could possibly wear years from now.

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Black and brown shades are just perfect. Then gradually start adding colors to look different from the crowd.  Do not make it too clown or animal printed.  Stay away from such scarves.

The scarf is a classic, masculine piece of menswear that serves the functional purpose of protecting the neck.

In most cases – it keeps our necks warm. But the silk scarf was originally used to protect a pilots neck from chaffing when open cockpits where the rule. They have also been used for centuries by those living in desert areas to protect from dust and the sun.

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Scarves not only add a new look to your attire but also take away the fall chill in the air.  Whether a man wears a scarf with casual jeans or suit,  it adds a stylish element besides being functional.  There is an elegant quality that comes with a scarf, giving the man who dons one an extra touch of swagger. A scarf will add the perfect amount of noticeable flair and variety to your outfit, not to mention the extra warmth.

Theunstitchd shows you the trending scarves. Go get one wrapped up around your neck!

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