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5 Reasons Why Men Need To Own Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most fashionable accessories for men that effectively alter the look as well as have amazing utility!

Here are the benefits of sunglasses for men

1) Sunglasses protect your eyes from direct sun. This will ensure that your eye sight is not damaged on account of exposure to sun. If you don’t own or carry them, you tend to squint when it’s sunny. This damages the skin around your eyes and gives you wrinkles (the dreaded crow’s feet).

2) They are your best friend in a car especially if you are driving. You cannot really decide to drive as per the rising and setting sun at all times thus even though you can stay comfortable in your car, you may not really be able to concentrate well on your driving on account of direct sun on your windshield. Also, long hours of such driving may give you a splitting headache.

3) Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion statement! People do tend to notice you and look at you differently if you own a good pair. It goes well with your suits as well as casual look. It compliments your date look, party look, blazers and shirts. It even adds more personality even if you are just wearing shorts and out grocery shopping! In fact a pair of these just hanging around your shirt when indoors is an accessory on its own. A good pair is a conversation starter.

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4) An added benefit is that they give your face symmetry as they are symmetric. Thus, you photos will never go wrong if you have a pair of sunglasses on!

5) Women especially prefer men with a smart pair of sunglasses as it makes them look mysterious and attractive! Thus, you will enjoy a lot more attention with your sunglasses!

I hope you have been convinced to buy a great pair or if you already own one, carry it around regularly.


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