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3 Watch Strap Styles to Experiment With

Wristwatches are one of the key accessories that complete your outfit. They make you appear more sophisticated and stylish. Available in different shapes, sizes, and designs, wristwatches are a staple for every occasion starting from dinner dates to extravagant parties.

A connoisseur of wristwatch owns an appropriate watch for every occasion. These wristwatches are available in various styles mainly with metal or leather straps. For most people, deciding on the type of strap can be very confusing, so we have listed down the various strap styles that you can experiment with:-

Normal Leather Straps

This design is a timeless classic. It is an all-time favorite and one of the most commonly used leather straps in wristwatches. With a simple design and smooth surface, they appear very sophisticated and classy. These wristwatch designs are popularly paired with casuals and office wears owing to their versatile look. If you want to present your sister or mother to celebrate an occasion, you can buy women watches online in India with normal leather strap from Timex, one of the leading wristwatch manufacturers.

Stitched Leather Strap

The stitched leather strap is a traditional strap design that is very popular in the vintage world watch today. The stitches on the leather strap are what make it different from the regular leather strap. Although they are just stitches, they help in adding contrast to the look of the watch making it appear more rugged and elegant.

Nato Straps

Nato straps that are now commonly paired with casual wears, were once introduced for the British army. They are available both in nylon and leather straps. Soon after the launch, they became very popular among the military and gradually made their way to the general public. Today, they are one of the most commonly used straps by the masses owing to their lightweight, high durability and affordable prices. Also, unlike other wristwatch straps, Nato straps can easily be replaced as they are simply woven underneath the spring bars.

The above mentioned straps are the most commonly used leather straps in India. However, mentioned below are a few honorable mentions are:

Double Ridged Straps:

The double ridged straps are straps that consist of padding underneath the strap. There are two layers of narrow padding inside it that make the strap appear protruding. This gives a unique look to the watch and elevates its aesthetic appeal. These watches appear highly sophisticated and can be worn to high-class parties and dinners. With these straps, you can also opt for a sporty look.

Bund Straps:

Metal that is used in most wristwatches is a good conductor of heat. Under extreme temperatures, they can easily heat-up or freeze and cause discomfort when come in contact with the skin. Bund straps have an extra layer of padding underneath the dial that prevents the metal body from touching the skin. Also, the extra padding absorbs perspiration from the skin. Since the wristwatches earlier were not water-resistant, the perspiration from the hand could enter the wristwatch and malfunction it.

Rally Straps:

Wearing a watch in hot weather can feel very irritating. The prolonged hold of the wristwatch on your hand makes your wrist sweat and you uncomfortable. There are perforations in the rally strap that allow air to pass and make your wrist breathable. Hence, they are a very comfortable option for summers.

Leather straps have been in fashion for a very long time. They appear classy, sophisticated and are available in unique designs. You can buy watches in India online from Timex, one of the premium wristwatch brands that offer high-end leather strap watches ideal for every occasion.