12 Things You Should Bring For Your Trip To India – Travel Guide

Being an Indian myself, let me unveil some secrets of travelling essentials for a visit to India. I am jumping right in.

  1. Travel Insurance. India is one place where you will always encounter something unexpected with the expected. So you need to be prepared and safe in every way possible.

2. Digestion Supplements. Our food is exotic for a lot of palettes. We love our spices and not everyone will be down with it.

3. Power Adapter. Depending on your travel itinerary, you may be travelling to the metros or the remote places or the mountains. A lot of these places use a different plug point. So carry a universal adapter.

4. A pouch with all your essential documents like your passport, visa, travelers cheque’s and some cash.

5. Do not carry all your cash and important stuff in your wallet alone.

6. Keep a photocopy of your important documents in your bag.

7. You will need a travel back pack. Something sturdy and comfortable.

8. Carry ear plugs, eye mask and dust mask in case you are sensitive to sound or light or allergic to dust.

9. Make sure you carry a first aid box well equipped with all of your essential medicines. If you are on prescription drugs, carry extra or keep the prescription paper with you.

10. Travel Toilet paper and hand sanitizer

11. Carry a cap whether or not it is summer, If you are travelling between June to September, carry an umbrella too.

12. Don’t forget your camera and extra memory cards.

It is going to be the trip of your lifetime so make the most of it.


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