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Travel Backpacks – A Quick Guide for Picking the Right One

Travel backpacks are not only useful when going camping or on vacations but they can also prove stylish accessories to bring along with you whenever you go outside.

However, since there are so many options available on the market, how can you make sure you choose the right one for your needs? Check out the following buying guide to easily find your match made in the backpack heaven.

Pick the right capacity 

A backpack should be fitted for the length of your journey, so keep that in mind next time you go shopping. Based on how many days you plan on going away from home, you’ll have to choose from day packs (10-30 liters), weekend packs (30-50 liters), multi-day packs (up to 80 liters) or expedition packs (bigger than 70 liters).

Keep in mind that these sizes mainly refer for the belongings of one person, so if you opt for a weekend getaway with your significant other, you may have to choose a larger backpack if you want to take just one piece of luggage with you.

You should also consider the storage space of your vehicle when buying a backpack. In other words, pick an item that can be easily stored in your car trunk, at the back of an ATV or on top of a UTV sprayer if you plan on spending the entire day looking after your crops and fields.

Find the perfect material

The fabrics used for manufacturing backpacks speak volumes about their sturdiness and use in the long term. For instance, regular school backpacks or those that are mainly designed for leisure activities are often made of canvas, ensuring a lightweight and flexible design that can stretch a few inches to accommodate more of your belongings.

However, they aren’t really water-resistant and, since they don’t offer any padding, you can easily break or damage the things inside if you don’t pay enough attention while on the road. In addition, they aren’t really designed for carrying high weights or electronic devices like tablets or laptops.

Leather backpacks are a stylish and elegant choice for all men but they will obviously cost more than the regular ones made of lightweight canvas. The main advantage of leather packs is that they are sturdy, meaning they are great for carrying heavier items. They are also waterproof so that you can carry them in all weather conditions, without worrying about damaging the sensitive belongings inside.

Number of compartments

A good bag should feature multiple compartments inside and outside for easy storage and access to your favorite belongings.

Most backpacks feature one or two large internal pockets with zippers, one large pocket in front, and two additional pockets on the sides to store water bottles or umbrellas.

Some products even come with a padded internal pocket, specifically designed for keeping your laptop or tablet safe by absorbing shocks and minimizing impact damage. If you can’t stay away from technology not even for a weekend, these items will prove the best investment.

Padded backs and shoulder straps

Padding is an absolute must feature if you plan on carrying your backpack for a long time. Most hikers, bikers, and professional campers prefer a backpack with padded shoulder straps and backs to minimize friction and provide increased comfort while carrying them.

Padded backs will also absorb sweat and extra moisture, creating a protective barrier between you and your bag. In addition, they will put less pressure on your back and shoulders, reducing pain and discomfort after long hours of carrying.

For those who are used to travel between cities, a backpack on wheels might seem like a good and convenient alternative also.