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Top 4 Trending Lapel Pins Every Man Should Have Known Yesterday!

Top Trending Lapel Pins

Top Trending Lapel Pins

Accessorizing is a great way to stand out from the crowd and add some of your personality to your outfit to make it from some brand to something you. Because what you wear says a lot about you.

So how to stand out at a formal event, high end do, a wedding or a grand party from the rest of the crowd all dressed in similar kind of formal, semi-formal or informal wear. Simple! Accessorize! And what better and more elegant way to do it than a sophisticated and chic Lapel pin?

So let’s look at the top trends or crowd pleasers this season, shall we?

1. The Lapel Flower:

The traditional style of lapel pins with flowers is popular still. In fact the classy trend has been customized to suit modern sensibilities. Fresh flowers, fabric flowers, coral flowers, metallic flowers, hell even diy flowers work. I personally prefer fresh flowers, like a single White Calla Lily or a Red Rose. I know I am a true blue lover of the classics but the metallic ones are pretty cool too.

2. The Lapel Feather:

This one is a little tricky to pull off. You require real swag for this one. A single feather lapel pin sometimes with pearls or beads strung along. My personal favorite is the Peacock feather one.

3. The Alpha Male:

Now guys, this term has been coined by me. These lapel pins are metallic in designs with a moustache, glasses, an arrow, a stag deer or an eagle. My favorite is the moustache. Masculine, chic and suave!

4. The Quote:

These are the lapel pins which generally have something written on it. Pick something cool and playful and it will work in your favor but a wrong choice can make you come off as really weird, so guys choose wisely.

Don’t be a part of the herd. A small lapel pin can make a huge difference, so do try it the next time you want to make an impression.

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