Top 10 iPhone Accessories of 2023

iPhone accessories are quite the rage now. With more and more features and iPhone associated gadgets rolling out, added accessories only make this remarkable smartphone even better. In fact, now that the iPhone has developed a whole plethora of cool characteristics and appreciable features, pairing it with the latest accessories of 2023 has become almost necessary to extend the reach of the phone much further.

Hence, here are the latest and the most awesome iPhone accessories you can come across this year!

Apple AirPods + Wireless charging case

Apple AirPods have made their mark in the industry by now, and almost everyone has them. They are great for listening to music or play video games without getting yourself tangled in the mess of headphones. The only nuisance that might come with it is to get charged with a wire. 

But now that wireless charging has emerged a great deal; you can get Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case. 

You can easily switch devices with these AirPods. The noise cancellation is amazing and rivals the best headphones in the world. The best part? While Apple products are quite reputed for their costly prices, these AirPods are pocket-friendly and will not cost you a fortune!

Protect Your iPhones with cases

While wireless charging cases are cool, you might not have the need for it in the case you already have a lot of wireless charging devices at hand. Hence, to protect your phone from accidental slipup damages, you can always turn to super chic and elegant phone cases.

iPhone cases come in a variety of colors and even cute shapes that are envy-inducing! You can look for the best iPhone 11 cases and the best iPhone 12 cases chosen by topranked and have your pick from the best quality, supreme, and utterly amazing iPhone cases. 

Wireless charging mat

Now that you have your phone secured with the best case, it is nice to know that another cool gadget to add to your Apple collection is a wireless charging mat. 

Cables have the habit of tangling despite how much ever care you take to keep them apart. 

Fortunately, you can rely on wireless charging mats and other wireless charging devices. Because all Apple accessories are now wireless charge-able, a wireless charger becomes a must to have in 2023. Hence, you can easily keep the wire mess sorted once and for all!

Wireless charging station

Having a wireless charging mat is great, but it can be frustrating not to be able to charge your other Apple devices simultaneously. Hence, once again, you might need to resort to the wired charging mess. Fortunately, Wireless charging stations can change the game for you.

These can help you charge your phone and Apple watch together so as to save time and get your devices ready to go in half the less time as before. You can even look for bigger sized stations if you are looking to charge your iPad, too. 

Apple wireless charging phone case

Having a cool case for your iPhone is a big deal right now. But if the only thing your case does is look cute, then maybe it is not quite cool. It is time to take your iPhone case game a notch further and invest in an Apple wireless charging case

As you can guess, these cases come with a second battery for your phone that you can use to wireless charge your phone! Amazingly, you can simultaneously charge these cases with your phone and that too, of course, on a wireless charger. 

iPhone protection glass security kits

Despite all the care you take to keep your phone firmly in your grip or away from the edge of a table, phones are prone to slipping down. Though Apple provides a pretty tough glass screen, one too many slips are sure to crack it. 

Hence, to not fall victim to such a tragedy, it’s better to keep an iPhone protection glass security kit always handy. These kits come with complete detailed manuals to install it and are pretty toughened to save your beloved smartphone!

Power stations for iPhones

Power stations have been in the market for quite many years now, but that does not mean that they are not required in 2023. If anything, their need was much more refined by the dawn of this year. Now, you can find the best power stations with days’ worth of charge in them.

Hence, these stations can help keep your phone from draining away. So, if you are quite a busy person and never have time to put your phone down, just plug your wireless charging case to get charged by a power station and then just slide your phone into the case as you use it!

Phone lenses and Bluetooth remote shutter 

Though the iPhone camera is already pretty advanced and well-pixelated, getting a helping hand from phone lenses compatible with iPhones is a pretty good deal. These can be used for extra zoom-ins and the best wide-angle pictures. You can choose from an abundance of lens shapes and resolutions.

Pairing these lenses with a Bluetooth remote shutter can make the task even easier. Now you can reach beyond all limits for creative selfies!

Tile starter pack

A really cool and practical gadget to own in 2023 is the Tile starter pack, which helps you locate misplaced items and keys in an impressive 200-foot range!

But if you are particularly hopeless at keeping track of your devices, you can use the mobile app to contact other tile starter users to aid you to find it or even take the help of Alexa!

Phone screen cleaner kit

Not particularly ingenious to iPhones, any iPhone user can take the help of a good screen cleaner kit to keep his/her phone clear and clean of all dirt and grease particles. Especially now that the COVID-19 era is still sticking through, it is more important than ever to keep the screen clean and germ-free.

A good cleaning kit with an alcohol-based cleaner, soft fiber wiping towel, and no-smell formula can help keep all screens in a better shape.