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5 Simple Yet Stylish Ways For Men To Drape A Light Colour Scarf

Ways To Wear A Light Scarf

People generally wear a scarf for its functionality and style quotient. Scarves are a great way to add a dash of color or vibrancy to your ensemble whilst keeping you warmer when the temperatures drop. Of course the heavier scarves designed out of warmer fabrics should be reserved only for the winters but the lighter scarves can be used to pep up your everyday style. Most guys shy away from incorporating a scarf in their attire either because they think scarves to be a feminine accessory or because they do not feel that they can carry it off successfully or maybe because they just do not possess the skill to style it. If it is the first reason, you couldn’t be more wrong, scarves are unisex. If it’s the second reason then let me tell you even rags look good on a person if he is confident. It is all about having the right attitude. And if it is the third, then fret not, cause that’s where we come in.

Listed below are 5 simple, easy to follow, and super stylish ways to drape your scarf.

1. The Classic Drape

First time users should try this. You just have to drape scarves over your neck. No tying or knotting. You can wear it over a t-shirt and team it up with suits or sports jackets too. If your entire ensemble is in monochromes, the scarf can add some color, or if your suit or jacket is solid or the tee, a plain one, then pick it with cool prints and patterns for a nice contrast.


2. The Simple Once-Around Drape

This is as the name suggests a very simple style perfect for draping medium length scarves. You just have to wrap the scarf once around your neck and ensure that the ends are even and at the front. That’s all folks!


3. The Twice-Around Style

For this style the scarf needs to be a bit longer. Drape it twice around the neck. Both the ends will be shorter and remain dangling in the front. This style goes best with jackets or overcoats especially when it gets a little nippy.

4. The Scarf Tie

In this style you substitute the tie for a scarf. Thus it is for a formal look. No, you do not make a tie knot with the scarf; you simply fold the scarf across the chest creating the illusion of a shawl collar. In this style, you need to wear this scarf tucked under a cardigan or a crisp shirt. In case of the shirt, it would be best to leave the top one or two buttons open. Make sure if it is a solid shirt or cardigan then the colors coordinate with scarves and in case they have any prints or patterns, then they are complimentary too. For beginners, I would suggest to team it in a solid hue with a plain cardigan or shirt. You can experiment more, once you get a hang of it.


5. The Parisian Knot

The Parisian knot too requires a longer scarf and it is best suited for the colder weathers. For the best effect, you should opt for a scarf in silk or linen. They are lighter and will not make the knot appear too bulky. Begin with folding the scarf in half, at the centre with its ends meeting. The scarf should form a triangle. Now drape it around the front of your neck and tie a knot at the back using the two ends of the triangle. Now pull the ends to the front and make another knot at the side.

Use these smart draping styles for adding a more dapper and trendier spin to your routine look! Try something new and keep things interesting!

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