Rules of Suspenders

Suspenders are a cool fashion statement for the men of class, elegance and raw sexuality. It emits confidence and strong character along with a very approachable personality.

Like every fashion statement, this style is also meant to be played by some set rules :

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1) X-type are for casual wear and y-type suspenders are for formal wear

2) The Y-type must have fabric button clippers and the X-type should have metal clippers in order to balance weight of both and maintain the style.

3) Very thin suspender and the very thick ones are for a casual wear while a medium width suspender i.e. 1.25” – 1.5” is ideal for your formal wear suspender which is also multi purpose and can be worn casually!

4) Black tie suspender must have silver clips only. Even formal business suspenders will follow the same rule.

5) The length of a suspender will be based on the height of the man and thus men with a longer torso should opt for longer suspenders and vice versa.

6) Printed and fancy suspenders are very much in fashion thus worn casually but one must avoid combining a suspender with denims. Go for casual trousers or chinos with your funky suspenders.

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7) A beard or moustache or both will essentially compliment you suspender.

8) Both tie and bow-tie can be paired with a suspender and both styles are equally flattering but if you are conscious about being over weight, a tie is a better option for you!

9) They should be placed properly in the same box that they come in in order to maintain its perfect structure.


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