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The Rubber Bracelet Bands

The live strong bands was popularised by the growing importance that needed to be given to the Hippie Lifestyle. These bands were extremely cool and colourful. Soon enough almost every cult started creating a rubber band in different colours to represent their belief.

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Also several welfare societies that works for the benefit of human and environment introduced the rubber band with there specific believe, quote and encouraging messages on them. Thus the band became a symbol of an attitude rather than a style statement. But this style statement has been out of the game from a very long time because the fashion world is moving more towards a professional look as compared to a casual. These days guys do not even understand the reason behind this band and so it is nothing more than a style statement and not a very good one at that.

With the growing importance to a professional lifestyle and a business appearance, it is important to refine your taste and a good way to do that is by replacing your casual accessories with much more elegant and mature options.


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