Outfit Ideas For A Day Out In Mumbai | Men’s Summer Style Guide

How To Dress For A Day Out In Mumbai: The Summer Edition

Mumbai is inspiring, fast, loud, iconic, breathtaking and absolutely accommodating. It is said that once you have lived in Mumbai and made it your home, no other place is good enough. Whoever said it is absolutely on point.

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If you are visiting Mumbai in the summer months then a day out would require some light and breathable fabrics. Mumbai can get quite hot during the summers, with temperatures going as high as 38-400 C and the proximity to the Arabian sea makes for a very hot and humid climate.

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If you are planning on exploring the city then the perfect outfit would be three fourth shorts or full length khakis or chinos teamed with a tank top or a cotton t-shirt. Make sure the apparel is comfortable and a little loose fitted but not bulky. Avoid boots or shoes and go for sandals giving your feet some air. Make sure you cover your head with a cap or a hat. Sunglasses will add style and shield your eyes.

For your evening wear for dinner with friends or a fine dining experience don a dinner jacket or a blazer. The evenings will offer a reprieve from the summer heat. If you are going to enjoy Mumbai’s nightlife then denims and a tee works too. Never wear sunglasses indoors. Never leave without putting on sunscreen.


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