Rainy Wear – Beat the rains with fashion

Once the rains start, the season keeps on getting fussier, romantic and messier. These three words don’t really look good together! Not very surprisingly, men have their wardrobes sorted between these three words – When days are fussy, you would wear this particular shirt or when the nights are about to get romantic, you know which shirt you got to wear and of course you have a section of clothes for the messy mornings. To not forget, we’re talking about rains and the Rainy Wear that go with it. Men often keep their hands away from wearing full length pants and full sleeve shirt! It may be all the way round for another man.

1. Shorts

They say shorts are a man’s best friend on a rainy day. Sometimes we often imagine clothes on others and believe we’d look as handsome or as attractive like in our imagination. But let’s break that bubble because that’s not how you might look. You’re blessed with a different body type and with all confidence you must only imagine yourself wearing whatever piece of clothing and decide on it. Shorts go well in rainy season. You can play with colors and team it well.

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2. Pants

Those who hate the rainy water sprinkling from the ground to the part of their legs that is left uncovered by the shorts, usually go for pants. It isn’t a bad idea though! It’s a matter of choice. If you’re one of those who love pants on a rainy day, wear them and wear with cool gum boots as a part of your Rainy Wear to beat the rains.

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3. Accessories

Men love accessories too! Be it a watch, belt or an umbrella , all are a apart of Rainy Wear. Make sure you wear it in the most minimalistic way so the rains don’t damage it. Wear waterproof stuff, they’re made for rainy season.

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