Battle of Brands: Men’s Skull Bracelets

SkeletonHD – Luxury Men’s Skull Jewelry

Battle of Brands Men’s Skull Bracelets


Most fashion accessory companies are taking on social media to market their brands. SkeletonHD and Northskull are competing for the position of the best men’s wrist wear brand on Instagram. SkeletonHD (@Skeleton.HD)  is challenging Northskull for the best men’s wrist wear brand on Instagram. SkeletonHD, a Toronto based company,  has amassed 100K+ followers on Insta in the past 12 months. The brand can attribute its large follower growth to its focus on the rebellious and ragged style it uses to advertise its products. A second reason for the growth is the use of discount codes for their followers. At the time of writing this post, SkeletonHD was offering an exclusive 20% off with coupon code IG20 ( click here to apply coupon ).


As SkeletonHD and Northskull deal with men’s wrist wear. They, therefore, require some sort of dissimilarity in order to create a competitive advantage. In that respect, SkeletonHD focuses on a rugged street look that can also be worn formally. Northskull caters to a posh look for the runway. SkeletonHD’s design incorporates various combinations of beads, leather, and steel attracting a wide variety of customers. Northskull, on the other hand, focuses on magazine style and men’s fashions outfits. SkeletonHD, as a newcomer, is exploring new styles from time to time so as to stay atop trends, while staying true to it’s main product: men’s skull bracelets.

Battle of Brands Men’s Skull Bracelets


The two brands design products that are quite similar in quality. Pricing is, thereby, a significant factor. SkeletonHD was able to carve market share by offering similar styles at reasonable prices. Conversely, Northskull has branded itself for the fashion crowd, selling some high end pieces for $300 and above. Northskull also presents a wide range of bracelets that allows customers to shop by look. You can go through their top seller from their websites:

SkeletonHD Men’s Skull Bracelets

Northskull collection


For most online companies, quick delivery is a factor that can determine sales. SkeletonHD and Northskull both offer express two days shipping. SkeletonHD offers express two days shipping on all orders over $100+ whereas Northskull provides free shipping when you spend over $200. Thanks to the SkeletonHD’s North American headquarters, buyers within U.S and Canada can enjoy slightly quicker delivery free of taxes. The same is enjoyed by Northskull’s customers based in the United Kingdom. SkeletonHD offer free 2-day shipping to Europe on all orders over $100. Worldwide shipping is offered by both brands.


I am always rooting for brands that engage with fans and offer excellent customer service. My recommendation is for over Northskull as the best men’s skull bracelets destination based on overall value and style.  Whether you see these authentically designed wrist wear as the best gifts or a way to give your style a breath of life, you can’t go wrong with a Stack of SkeletonHD skull bracelets. You also stand a chance to reap from SkeletonHD’s promotions and find bracelets to match your desired outlook. For the 20% discount ( use code IG20 at checkout ) Note that from the pictures on the adverts you find that men tend to match their bracelets with other accessories like watches. So, when shopping, remember also to take that into account. Thank you for reading, happy shopping!