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5 Types Of Jewellery Every Modern Man Must Have

Jewellery for the Modern Man

While the right accessories can improve your entire look and make you stand out, the wrong ones can make you the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons. Accessories add more character to your overall appearance. They give you an edge and create a sort of charisma that leaves an unforgettable impression.

Important as they are many are still going wrong with accessorizing. Yes with all the different choices and styles and cuts and designs, I get where your confusion stems from. Sometimes in all the excitement people also go slightly overboard and end up looking loud and gaudy, ruining even the best outfits.

So with the intention of clearing out the confusion related to men’s styling and accessorizing once and for all, I have, after careful consideration, put together a list of accessories that work and what one must avoid.

A watch is both suitable and functional. A lot of people will judge you by the kind of watch you sport. Strangers may even speculate about your life and occupation based on the kind of watch you are wearing. So what I mean to say is, a watch is a statement piece. For formal occasions it would be wise to pick a subtle watch. Nothing too loud. Gold and silver work well. There are a lot of options available in the market and you can choose according to your preference and personality. Please put some thought into this. Pick a dial according to the shape of your wrist. Pick a metal that you are most likely to wear and can team up effortlessly with your other accessories.

Wedding bands command respect. So don’t be embarrassed to flaunt them. They always create a good and positive impression. As for the other rings, I would suggest to go easy and avoid the Bling Bling. An important thing to remember is to match metal with metal. That is if you are wearing a gold ring on one finger then wear gold ring on the other too, or match the metals with your belt buckle, the dial of your watch, your tie pin or your bracelet. So remember Match Metal with Metal.

  • Neck Tie Accessories:

These are your tie clips, tie chains and tie tacks. NOT TO BE WORN AT THE SAME TIME, under any circumstances. Again an important tip to remember is to Match Metal with Metal. Your tie clip should match your watch; it should complement your cufflinks. Nothing over the top. Avoid tie tacks if you have borrowed the tie or like me you do not like piercing a hole through a perfectly good tie. I personally think that a tie pin adds depth to your character, so I would definitely recommend it for formal events.

  • Piercings:

These are the piercings of the eyebrows, tongue, ears, nose, and nails and wherever else you can fathom. Yes it looks cool, but it also looks wild. It can create a negative impact, especially in a formal setting so avoid it on formal events. Most people do not like it and hence it may create a negative impression.

Great way to classy things up! Myriad options to choose from. But keep in mind that the choice you make reflects your personality. So pick the Cufflinks in accordance with what you wish to project and how you wish to be perceived by others. Classic designs and traditional settings are a safe bet. Especially if you are a novice. Avoid chunky studs and loud designs.



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