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The Ultimate Suspenders Guide

Suspenders represent strong mature men and are a great fashion accessory over your shirt.

Suspenders are classy and also sexy. They represent strong mature men and are a great fashion accessory over your shirt. They also keep you clothes in position all day long for the best look even at the end of the day.

1) Types of suspenders

You have the all formal business suspenders which have a fabric and leather button to secure the suspenders. These are for your formal meetings and office days thus it must be simple and elegant. You can opt for dark brown or black. These are also pure leather.

Then you have suspenders for a more friendly office day in the form of business casual suspenders which are fastened with the help of a metal clip. Jacquard or oxford cloth will generally be the fabric used for these and the patterns will also be classy and elegant not loud and random.

You have the classic black tie suspenders which are jet black with fabric and leather button to secure them. The metal clip on these is silver and that is the classic style. Thus your cufflinks, studs and even watch should be in silver.

You have you colorful work suspenders that are usually in shade of blue and really thick. Then you have your medium width undergarment suspenders that hold on to your undergarments and keep your outfit secure. Both of them come with finger clip style clasp for securing ends of suspenders.

2) Suspender Width

Up to I inch suspender width is the casual fashionable ones which are more of a style statement than a dress code. They are stylish and patterned in fun colors and shades.

1-1.5 inch is the width for casual professional style suspenders. These are not necessarily all black and leather but rather semi-formal. The prints are not loud and random but disciplined.

The 2 inch width suspenders are you all formal suspenders for the classic business look in a disciplined formal environment.

3) Suspender clips

You suspender attachments can be finger clip, trigger snap, plastic gripper, fabric button and leather button of which fabric and leather button are most formal.

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4) Suspender fabric

Elastic and polypropylene suspenders are more for a casual look over your regular shirts as a style statement and cannot be worn to work. Grosgrain can pass off at work but only for a semi-formal look. Jacquard is the fancy printed one that is great for a stylish yet professional look but does not count as an all formal style. Oxford cloth is your classic everyday formal suspender pattern and it has a great finishing look. Silk is for your fancy tuxedos and evening parties. The luster brings out a charm in your appearance. Finally we have the classic leather. Leather is great for all formal looks. It is considerably expensive but has the best final look and also lasts for many more years than the rest. It has a firm grip and does not leave behind much crease.

5) Suspender types

The y-type and X-type are the two styles of suspenders that exist. Of which X-type carries with itself a history and is a vintage style however the Y-style is more stylish and modern. This matters if you plan on taking off your jacket. The Y-type is slightly less comfortable when compared to the x-type because the x-type offers a stronger support than its counterpart. However, if your jacket is off, the Y-type looks smarter. It is thus a matter of comfort and style and is a personal call based on your preferences.

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