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Confused About Styling Flat Top Hats – We Have The Answers For You!

Flat top hats are the popular hat option for men in romantic movies because the flat top hat symbolizes poverty. Not really because this is just a type of hat now that is styled in a charming manner but yes once this was the choice of hat for the poor. The rich wore the top hats. Leonardo Di Caprio in titanic made it very famous and since then all romantic leads have used this trick to win over the hearts of women.

You will be perceived as a hopeless romantic madly in love and passionate about life, just with a minor change of hats. This is the power that fashion has when it comes to influencing people! The flat top hat is available in several colors and also several types of fabric but the point is that it should be comfortable and mildly thick to actually provide some kind of protection to your head!


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