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The Rules For The Perfect Black Tie Suspender Look

The Black Tie Suspenders

Black tie is the most elegant look for a man and is also attached with several absolutely precise rules regarding attire, watch, hairstyle and even socks. Suspenders are a huge part of your black tie look because they play a very important role of establishing a balance between the contrasting white shirt and black jacket. They are a very important piece of the black tie look and here are the important things you need to know about the suspenders!

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It is a very important deal to look your personal best at a black tie event. Thus it is advisable that even at the cost of a little extravagance; you invest well in your black tie look. Even for your suspenders it is highly preferable that you go for the same fabric in your suspenders as you do in your suit jacket and trousers. This is a bit pricey but will give you a much better look than basic elastic ever can. In fact bad quality suspenders will ruin your black tie look entirely. The fabric on your suspenders is very well in the lime light thanks to the white shirt contrasting against it and so this is very big deal!

Your black tie suspenders must necessarily have silver clips. Men often try to get a bit trendy and opt for gold, copper or some other metal but silver is your most ideal choice for black tie suspenders. Even your watch will be of a silver dial and so this is truly a perfect combination.

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The black tie suspenders will be very easy to identify because they will have fabric buttons. Fabric buttons are not very common and most of your casual suspenders will have the metal clipping. However in this case you will have the fabric one for your fabric buttons. It is comfortable and more importantly looks delicate. The heavy metal clipping is very bulky.


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