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The 4 Belts Every Guy Should Own In His Closet

Black dress belt, brown dress belt, casual belt and what’s more? Head down to know..

Never underestimate the power of a belt, it can either make or break your look. A belt being a utility item, can always be found in man’s wardrobe. It is an essential accessory that will help you hold your pants securely by the waist. And we’re sure the belt has been your savior many times. Be it a strap or piece of string, wearing a belt will largely impact your look and also add personality to your outfit. So here, we’ve listed down 4 belts that every guy should own in his closet.

Here are 4 Different Belts You Must Own Without A Doubt…

Belts vary in size, shape,color,fabric and design.Today, the belts are not only functional but stylish too. So choosing the right belt for the right look is very important. Whether you opt for a formal pants look or for a casual jeans or shorts look, you must choose the right belt that will complement your outfit. Head down to know more about the different belts.

Black Dress Belt

The Black Dress Belt works best for corporate suit and business looks. Got an important meeting or interview lined up this week? Want to make a long lasting impression and look your best? Then, a classy shirt,trousers, oxford shoes and a black leather belt with a simple silver buckle will give you a smart look.

One thing you should know is that any bottoms having belt loops require a belt. A trouser without a belt looks naked. So make sure,you wear your black dress belt to complete your look. Also remember, a tuxedo does not require a belt, so avoid wearing it and that way you won’t ruin your look.

Brown Dress Belt

“Always match your belt to your shoes” this is one dressing rule every man should blindly follow. So if you’re wearing brown shoes you must wear a brown belt without a thought. A simple, sleek and classic brown belt belt will complement your look and take it to another level.

No formal look is complete with a brown or black belt.So if you don’t own one, go add a black and brown leather belt to your closet today!

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Brown Dress Belts Every Man Should Have

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Casual Belts

A¬† black or brown dress belt works well with a formal look.But for a casual look, you’ll require a more casual belt.You can’t be wearing your formal dress belt with jeans or shorts. It’s a big no,no!Okay? Like we said before, it is important to choose a belt that complements your outfit. So for a casual jeans or chinos you’ll need a casual belt that is 1-1/2″ or so wider and is cut from a thick,rugged and genuine¬†leather.

Cool Belt

The cool belt is the one you’ll wear on the fun and light days.You either wear it to the beach or to a cafe.This one, is a little less dressy and more cool.Wearing a cool belt will add to your personality and style. Rock a suede belt for the happy hours and a braided belt when heading to a beach.These belts are cool and stylish so add them for some funk in your look.

So now you know the different belts that you should be having in your closet. Every belt will hold up your pants but not every belt will complement your outfit. So choose your belt wisely and avoid ruining your look. Dress well and up your style game with these simple and easy tips.