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Men’s Styling Tips – Belts & Shoes Combinations Men Must Try

Let your belt be brown and let your shoes be brown too! It’s redundant to mention these old trick of matching your shoes and belt by wearing both of one color. But this trick sometimes comes out looking cheesy and quite obvious.

How to counteract this?

Well we’re here to help you with this and make sure you walk in style looking stylish and not cheesy! Suppose you choose to wear an outfit that fits the shoes and the belt to be brown in color, don’t wear both the things brown. Let anyone of them be beige and the other be a shade or two darker than the beige. Yes, when it comes to belt and shoes, you can play with the tones of a color. If you arrive near a black option, let one of them (shoes and belt) be a shade lighter than black – grey, and the other be black.

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When it comes to wearing belt, men choose to flaunt their favorite brands. Well not everyone can afford an LV belt, many wear copies! As we’ve mentioned this earlier as well, don’t die for brands and don’t wear brand labels that look cheesy. Thrift shopping is never a bad idea. And the fewer labels you wear, the simpler and sorted you appear! There so many belts you can grab online on websites that offer a great deal.

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We’ve had our previous bags mentioning shoes and their styles. Sneakers make a good sporty wear. You can wear sneakers for a movie or at the airport. Smoking shoes are trending and will always trend for the class they carry with it. Wear smoking shoes for a movie or for cocktail parties. Loafers are a good option for a premiere night or lunching with office buddies.


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