Few Accessories Every Modern Man Must Wear + Styling Tips

Why is it really important for men to accessorize? Read on to know more.

Accessories, doodads, adornments, embellishments…call this rose by any name and it will still be a mystery for men! Or rather the modern man. Because men from the olden days believed in accessorizing. They knew how it added depth to their look, like a whole new dimension to their appearance.

Men from the olden days accessorized, be it Adam with his leaf or the Egyptian Pharaoh’s  with their crowns, or Moses with his staff or the Aztecs, Incas, Dravidians and Aryans with their jewelry, yes for men too. It was a fashion statement for men to be sporting jewelry. Even when man was an ape, he made earrings and other accessories from the bones of animals. Even the Indian God Shiva accessories with rudraksha beads, crescent moon, snake and the Ganga. It is a common belief in India that wearing gold or silver, be it in the form of finger rings or ear studs is good for your body and health.

From the men in myths, fables and history we come to the men of today. We see celebrities,actors and icons sport accessories like Salman with his iconic bracelet or Dumbledore with his half moon glasses. But despite these, there are a lot of men still shying away from accessorizing or getting it horribly wrong.

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Which is crazy because there are many benefits of accessorizing. It shows that you care about your appearance and take pride in the way you present yourself. Plus if you get the accessories in sync with your outfit, like if they are well coordinated then it makes you stand out even in the most basic or simplest of outfits. And if you have to travel to work or an event using public transport, and if your clothes get disheveled or wrinkled, as is the case with most men using public transport, accessorizing takes the spotlight off of these things.

Coordinated accessories make you look sharp especially all black or tan. Plus you make it easy for people to gift you. You no longer have to pretend to like something gifted to you by your friends or family because this time they will get it right for a change!

People and women in particular judge a guy on the basis of the quality and appearance of their wallets, shoes and key rings. A worn out wallet suggests the owner is careless or cheap. Similarly unkept shoes show that the owner is not someone who gives importance to the way he looks or maybe they don’t care enough about you to take an effort to dress up for this meeting.

So why would you want to present yourself in a way that leads to people making such assumptions. Plus accessorizing is not really expensive. They are a lot of options available for every budget. If you find it loathsome then just invest in a good pair of wallet, belt and shoes that match. As such going overboard with your accessories looks gaudy and makes you seem desperate for attention.

Some important tips:

  • Your belt should match your shoes
  • Match metal with metal. That is the dial of your watch should match your finger ring. Your belt buckle must match in metal. If one is gold, don’t pick silver or brass or any other colour for the rest. Match your cufflinks if you are planning to wear them, same goes for your tie clip and tie tags
  • When in doubt pick subtle colours and classic prints and designs.

Hope you guys shed your inhibitions and explore your inner style by accessorizing.