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Men’s Style Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Styling Scarves

When it comes to manly scarves, there’s no need to go overboard.  Keep it simple.  Your scarves should be 6-14 inches wide and 50-90 inches long, depending on your height.  There is no need for over showy or beaded scarves.  In a nutshell, a scarf is a simple rectangle of fabric.Yet most men are baffled as to how to properly wear one, and worse, many feel the wearing of a scarf is somehow effeminate.

Why wear a scarf?

Simply put, scarves do an excellent job of protecting a man’s neck.  A thick wool scarf can keep your neck warm on a cold Wisconsin morning, or a lightweight linen scarf can protect your neck from the sun and sand when crossing the Sahara.

Scarves can add a strong element of style, especially when they introduce color to an otherwise bland outfit.It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep the rest of the outfit simple so it isn’t competing with the scarf for attention.

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General Rules:

Keep it simple – only tie knots you are comfortable wearing–confidence is everything. Scarf length & thickness can limit knot style options. A scarf isn’t a necktie–keep it loose. Always remember function first, fashion second.  Men do not wear scarf pins.


Simply drape the scarf over the neck and the front of your chest under your overcoat. No actual tying happens in this one, so it’s a loose way of wearing a scarf meant more for ornamentation than actual warmth.  It works well if you’re wearing a suit or sports jacket with a deep V-shaped front. This is the classic lawyer or businessman’s way of adding a scarf to a suit and tie ensemble.

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Let the middle of the scarf fall on the back of your neck with equal length on both sides. Take one end (A) and bring it towards the other (B). Let A pass from under B. Bring A upwards to make a knot as illustrated. Adjust both the knots equally facing downwards. This type of knot is great when you’re wearing an open jacket, and you want the same appeal that a necktie has.

Fold scarves according to the basic fold 1 and let it hang around your neck equally on each side. Bring one side (A) towards the other side (B). Let A pass from under B. Bring A towards the front. Let A pass through B again to form a knot. Adjust both sides facing forward. This technique works best with longer scarves.

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Fold scarves according to basic knot 1 and let it drop down your neck equally on each side. Make a knot on one side (A). Bring the other side (B) towards A. Let B pass through A to form a knot. Tighten the knot to get a beautiful fake knot.

These were the simple ways to tie scarves. There are many more ways and you can create some of your own too. ! Good luck buddies!


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