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Men’s Suit Buying Guide – How To Buy A Suit

Suits are always adored by men and favored even more by young boys wanting to look all slick. You want to look like Brad Pit in suit or George Clooney? You are at the right place.

Have a look at these suit style inspirations we’ve got just for you. From simple, slick and much more styles. We’ve got the best suit styles for you. So be with us while we get you charmed.

Men’s Suit Buying Guide – How To Buy A Suit

1. The one color hero – Monochrome king

This style is worn by many men not just because they love it but also because the monochrome look stands out really well. You just have to choose a color and make sure the color you choose complements your skin tone well. And you’re ready to rock the monochrome look.

2. Collars

Classic collar never goes out of fashion. Our favorite is the Mandarin collar. You can choose any from Semi-Spread, Spread, Wing, Button Down, Eyelet, Small Wings and Band.

3. Cuffs

Don’t forget to pay attention here. The cuffs are as important as the collar. Make sure you get them tailored well or look out for the ones that look the best when you shop. We pick our 3 favorites – French, 3 Button and Round.

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4. Lapel

If the word seems new to you, don’t ignore it! It’s very simple and the main part of your suit. Refer to the picture for more information. Lapels can either steal the show or just leave you unnoticed. So get the best one that accentuates the entire look. Our favorite is the Shawl.

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5. The Cut

Different suit styles carry different cuts. If you’re not ready to try anything new, go for the English cut. Refer to the pictures.


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