Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review

Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review

Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review

Everybody might have heard about slim wallet! Slim wallet. But the real question which comes up in everyone’s mind is where I should find slim wallet! So we have a answer for it. That’s – Bellroy Note sleeve Wallet.

We have reviewed this wallet and figured out that – This is the slimmest leather wallet which we have seen so far – Can carry all the necessary things which you carry in your wallet.


The wallet came in its elegant brown hard envelope packaging.

Design – 

It just not the overall look and feel, the design is also unique and impressive. For example, the silver stitching that stands out from the blue still leather is a minor touch, but gives it a hint of unique styling.  The embossed “Bellroy” logo on the front is small and understated as well.


A gentleman’s needs a wallet for things.

1) Functional (what your wallet needs)

2) Presentation (what a good wallet looks like)

This Bellroy note sleeve solves both the purpose. It has  –

Stores flat bills and 4-11 Cards. the front 3 are the quick access card slots.

Slot to save Business cards

A slot with a pull-out tab for infrequently-used cards

A Memory card / SIM Card Slot

A Coin Slot

And the most important thing – “It is been made with Premium vegetable tanned cow leather”

The size of the wallet – 10.3cm x 8.5cm

Available in 8 Colors & also comes with – 3 years Warranty (well who gives a warranty over a wallet, but Bellroy does  🙂 )

Can you wallet store these many things ?

We are using it from over two weeks and we are completely satisfied with the design, workmanship, quality, and more importantly the UTILTIY of this wallet.

Our Take –

“When it comes to slim Wallet, Bellroy is the only one.”

After watching this review, do wish to see other products? Go have a look at them now! –


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Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review
Article Name
Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review
"When it comes to slim Wallet, Bellroy Note Sleeve is the one."
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Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Wallet Review