Top 26 Best Makeup Products for Women

Here you will get the reviews for Top 26 Best Makeup Products in 2017-2018. We also review different brands according to their prices


Would you go for a party without makeup? No for sure! Makeup plays an important role in our life we don’t understand, it boosts are self-confidence. Makeup not only gives you glam look but also hides your skin imperfections. It nourishes and hydrates the skin and adds character to your personality. Here is a guide that will help you to enhance your look.


26 Must Have Makeup Products for Every Woman

1. Primer

Apply primer all over your face first after cleansing your face. It is one of the best products that hold your makeup and lasts throughout the day.

2. Foundation

After your base is ready, go for foundation. Go for the one according to your skin tone; blend it well using makeup sponges.

3. Concealer

Cover all your skin blemishes and dark spots using concealer. It is very easy and quick to use.

4. Under Eye Concealer

Apply under eye concealer around the eyes to cover dark circles. It is very effective as it makes the skin tone even.


5. Contour

After all your skin imperfections are covered go for the contouring process, were you have to apply contour to enhance your facial features.

6. Highlighters

Use highlighter to add some glow to your makeup. It will give you glowing and radiant skin.

7. Bronzer

Bronzer is optional, it is used to get tanned look. If you want to get darker complexion look bronzer is best to opt for.

8. Compact Powder

Apply compact powder to get matter finish. It will lighten your skin tone and complete your makeup look.

9. Blush

Add some glam and chic look to your makeup by applying some blush. Blush emphasizes your face shape.

10. CC Cream

If you don’t like to do heavy makeup and want to opt for minimal makeup best product to go for is CC cream. It corrects your skin complexion and gives you even tone.

11. BB Cream

BB cream is also for those who don’t want to apply foundation and other makeup products. BB cream covers all the skin blemishes, dark spots and dark circles.

12. Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is optional as it is used to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. It gives you the look of light makeup.

13. Eyeliner

After you use artificial eyelash apply eyeliner on its edge making it merged. You can opt for any color and shape according to your preference.

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14. Eye Shadow

Apply eye shadow to get some bold look. You can go for matte or glitter eye shadow depending on the occasion and your preference.

15. Artificial Eyelashes

If you want long eyelashes, use an artificial eyelash that gives the look of long, thick and full eyelashes.


16. Mascara

Your eye makeup is not complete without mascara. It adds glam to your eyes as it darkens and curls your eyelashes.

17. Eyebrow Pencil

Using an eyebrow pencil darken your eyebrows. You can even opt for the desired eyebrow shape.

18. Lip Liner

Before applying your lipstick, Use lip liner to shape your lips and avoid your lipstick to come out of your lip line. Make sure you use the similar shade of lip liner to the lipstick you will apply.

19. Lipstick

After you have shaped your lips next step is to opt for the right lipstick considering your skin tone and preference. You can go for matte or glossy look according to the occasions.

20. Nail Polish

Cover your nails with nail polish that complements your dress. Nail polishes are available in variety of colors and textures go for the one you prefer.

21. Nail Art Kit

If you want to enhance your nails and make in stand out in crowd you can opt for nail art. Nail art is possible at home with easy and quick tools available in nail art kit.

22. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is at your rescue if you do some mistake while applying nail polish, doing nail art or you want to get rid of your previous nail polish shade.

23. Makeup Remover

After you are done with the party time comes to remove your makeup. Use makeup remover to cleanse your face and remove all the makeup you did.

24. Manicure/Pedicure Kit

Do manicure and pedicure to keep your hand and foot nails clean and maintain good hygiene. It nourishes and hydrates the dead skin cell around the nails.

25. Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are one of the most important factors of good and fine makeup. It helps to blend the makeup well leaving behind no sharp lines and crease.

26. Makeup Tools

Makeup tools are used to ease your makeup. They are small tools but help amazingly to complete your makeup.

Top 26 Best Makeup for Women
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Top 26 Best Makeup for Women
Here you will get the reviews for Top 26 Best Makeup Products in 2017-2018. We also review different brands according to their prices
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