9 reasons to explore the unexplored Seychelles

For all the beach lovers here is your paradise which is made up of 115 islands on the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is a collection of scenic beauty. Any person who loves the dreamy and mesmerizing locations that are often shown in movies you really cannot miss to visit Seychelles.

Seychelles isn’t that known and popular location and that’s what makes it special. This unexplored place is the paradise of beaches as not just the beaches are beautiful but also are quite less crowded because the location is unexplored even though one of the sources of wealth for the country is tourism that crowd is minimal. Wildlife, rare species, cuisine, fun & adventures, etc. this tiny country has loads of surprises for anyone who visits it. While there can be different reasons one will visit Seychelles here are 9 reasons that will tempt you to explore this unexplored country.

9 reasons to explore the unexplored Seychelles

  • Experience the Best of Beaches

    I mentioned right at the beginning of this blog that it is paradise for anyone who is a beach person but is not in the favour of too much crowd on beaches. You go to any beach and the crowd seems like infinite but the case with beaches in Seychelles is different. Even the most popular beaches there have a minimal crowd.

Beaches - Minimal Crowded and Peaceful

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  • Favourable Climate

    Seychelles isn’t very cold it is actually hot but not too hot so it has favourable climate. Best time to visit Seychelles is between April & May, October and November. At this time of year the climate is best calm and pleasant.

  • UNESCO world Heritage sites

    Untouched by humans a world heritage since 1982 Aldabra Atoll is the best example of well raised coral atoll. It was not accessible to humans for quite long period because of which it is untouched site. Vallee de Mai was named as world heritage site since 1993. It has a palm forest which is unchanged. It has the largest population of coco de mer.

UNESCO world Heritage sites - Untouched By Humans

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  • Wildlife

    Wildlife at Seychelles is the major reason that will tempt you to visit Seychelles. You will find the rarest species in Seychelles which won’t be in the entire world. The amazing wildlife and undiscovered species of birds, all these elements make wildlife at Seychelles a big big surprise visit.

  • Carnival

    Carnival at Seychelles is conducted in April and lasts for 3 days and is a whole package of entertainment. More than 1500 participants and 30 countries make their visit to Carnival at Seychelles.

Carnival at Seychelles - Package of fun & Entertainment

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  • Top class diving

    You get to experience the best scuba diving in Indian Ocean at Seychelles. If you are trying scuba diving for the first time the rich granite and vibrant coral reefs in the depth upto 30m in crystal clear water will turn your scuba diving experience into a memorable one. One of the best scuba diving spot in Seychelles is Beau Vallon Bay on Mahale Island where you can dive into water with sharks and whales.

  • Breath-taking Hikes

    Apart from scuba diving another way of going on an adventure in Seychelles is hiking. Seychelles has one of the most breath-taking hiking spots which are adventurous enough with spectacular views. There are hiking points that you choose according to the difficulty level that you can survive like hike in Glacis Trois Frères Trail, Mahe is for 45 minutes and is easy to go while hike in Morne Blanc Trail is for 1.5 hours is difficult enough.

  • Creole Cuisine

    One thing we can never compromise with is food. No matter what the place is our expectations for the food are always high. Seychelles in this case will not disappoint you. Its concept of creole dishes is inspired by the traders of Africa, China, Europe and India.

  • No visa

    We could just not miss it. One reason to travel Seychelles is that travelling there you don’t require Visa, although you do require passport.

Exploring unexplored places like Seychelles can turn out to be an amazing surprise. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments. We’ll be back with some more interesting stuff and unexplored places for you. Thanks for reading.