The 10 most common mistakes in men’s closet

Of course, although we see people off “according to their brains,” in modern society we initially meet them “according to their clothes”.

This unspoken rule is important not only for women but also for men. And in some cases for men, a neat and stylish look is even more important, as it emphasizes the status, position in society, occupation, and even intention. 

Students are among those who struggle with their looks the most. They spend a lot of time studying and writing their essays, so they have neither time nor energy to care about their appearance.

Successful men closely monitor their image and try not to make egregious style mistakes that would immediately draw attention to themselves. After all, all sorts of little things like dirty shoes or a jacket, not the right size should not distract from formal conversations. That is why students should find some college essays to buy and finally take a moment to think about their style. This might help them to get a part-time job or build some useful business relationships.

Today we present 10 common mistakes that men continue to make when composing their closet. The recommendations of stylists, of course, are not a panacea but can constitute a good service for men who want to look presentable and of status.

So, what are these mistakes?

  • White socks with shoes

Contrary to popular belief, a man shouldn’t match his socks with the color of his shoes and vice versa.

Against the backdrop of this misconception, there are often situations when a young man puts on light (and especially white) socks under his shoes.

Even if they are light brown, gray or beige, you should wear black socks, as white is accepted to combine only with sports shoes.

By the way, it is recommended to choose socks in the tone of the pants, but not the shoes. It should be remembered about the length of the socks – they should not stick out from under the pants when a man sits down, and the pants are tucked up.

You can demonstrate your hairy calves to the in-laws, but not to future partners or colleagues at work.

  • Moccasins with socks

Continuing the topic of socks, we can not ignore the fact that not all sports shoes involve wearing them.

For example, lightweight moccasins, which look more like closed sandals or slippers, do not require wearing socks. And in general, moccasins are summer shoes, under which to put socks is at least illogical, uncomfortable, and strange.

And yet most men are still of the opinion that moccasins on socks look more elegant.

  • Incorrect pant length

A man discovers the world and decides on very important strategic issues, so his attention can sometimes be lacking on everyday little things. Unfortunately, moments such as the wrong length of pants can directly serve a man poorly.

It is considered a bad tone to appear at a business meeting in pants that open the socks even in a standing position. A no less strange situation is when the pants are under the heel of the shoe – was it not possible to take the product to the studio and hem?

If you do not understand the nuances, then ask for help from a seamstress or a worker of the atelier, or maybe directly to the seller, from whom you buy pants.

  • Incorrect length of the tie

Once again, we turn to the eyesight, which can sometimes let men down. In addition to “trimmed” pants, some young men have the wrong length tie.

It would seem, and what could be wrong, because you’re already buying a finished product? When you are tying a tie, you adjust its length yourself. This may be a loop in the chest or a knot, which immediately catches the eye of the interlocutor. Both options look strange and disharmonious.

Use the accepted rule when tying a tie – it should not end in the middle of the chest or extend beyond the belt buckle.

  • Short sleeve shirt and jacket

It does not hurt to have good taste. Now young people are in the habit of combining lightweight summer shirts with short sleeves and warm, strict jackets.

But after all, tight-fitting lightweight shirts were invented just to get away from the classic style, so they are not tucked into strict pants or put on top of a jacket.

Such products are usually worn with jeans or shorts, and sometimes with chinos if you plan a vacation in the warmer seasons. The only exception is the uniform, where the standard directives prescribe the appearance of the employee.

  • Worn shoes

The researchers from the best writing services say that the belt, watch and shoes are the most important status attributes of a successful man. They should be expensive or at least of good quality, necessarily well-groomed and neat.

But many young men live in chaos and forget to pay attention to their shoes before going out. They often have an unpresentable appearance: dusty, worn, stomped, and shabby.

Especially vulgar looks worn or washed suede, and even with salt deposits. No matter how carefully you work out the basic image, worn shoes can negate all the effort.

  • Incorrect choice of bag

It would seem that the bag is far from being a basic accessory in a man’s closet because men often make do with a large purse, wallet, or even a trouser pocket.

However, if you decide to buy such a product, you will need some tips that will help to make a choice. First, decide what you need the accessory for: to carry a laptop at work, to store documents or large stacks of cash, and maybe just to carry all sorts of small stuff like gum and a phone.

Depending on your needs, you can easily find a compact and modern option. There’s no need to stuff crumpled documents into a small handbag or pick up an immense laptop bag.

Also, the shapeless bags will be an unfortunate choice, unless, of course, you plan to carry sports shoes in them. A bag, like shoes and a belt, is also an attribute of status. It is desirable that it holds its shape well, has a laconic and stylish design, and has good finishing.

  • Daily wear of sports jackets

Of course, sports styles are very comfortable and always fashionable. But today’s industry can offer a man a lot of options that will allow him to “get out” of the worn-out favorite sports jacket for every day. These are classic half-coats, fitted leather jackets, and laconic warm-down jackets.

Always in your closet should be classic outerwear, which can be combined with a business suit.

  • Suit jacket and jeans

This fashion broke in many years ago and was somehow too firmly entrenched. Many young people wear a suit jacket under ripped and other fashionable jeans, and sometimes even a bow tie on a shirt for more “breaking patterns”.

Stylists believe that for a similar image it is more appropriate to buy a jacket in a casual style with a softer silhouette and actual fabric and accessories. But suit jackets with a straight cut are not the best choice.

  • Cardigan and suit

Seen more than once men put a cardigan under a classic suit, however, in terms of fashion – this is not quite right. Cardigan should preferably be combined with classic pants and a jacket, which are not a suited pair. That is, which element should belong to the casual style.

Here are such simple everyday tips for men who want to look neat and stylish in any situation in life.