3 Sexy Umbrellas To Beat The Rains In Style

3 Sexy Umbrellas To Beat TheRains In Style
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Umbrellas as we all know are used in order to protect us from rain and sometime from the scorching sun. Most umbrellas are black in colour and come in different types and shapes. One can choose an umbrella according to their style and liking. Gone are the days when only women used umbrellas and the myth that real men do not use umbrellas has finally come to an end. With the rise of stylish and colourful umbrellas, every man desires to buy an umbrella suitable to their fashion statement. Umbrellas don’t just serve the purpose of protection from the rain and are not manufactured in just single colours but are nowadays printed with different designs and patterns that very pleasing to look at.  Most people like to have a compatible umbrella which can be carried around with ease. Some of the types of umbrellas are three fold, two fold and single fold. They differ in size according to their folds. So if you want to be on top of your style game this monsoon you should opt for an umbrella which matches your style.

3 must have Umbrellas for every men

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sexy umbrellas for men

1. three fold umbrella

As the name suggests these umbrellas have three folds. It is the most compactible umbrella which is commonly used. Three fold umbrellas close into three folds once closed and is opened either by manual or automatic mechanism.

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2. two fold umbrella

Two fold umbrellas are the commonly used umbrella and are relatively bigger than the three fold umbrellas. Two fold umbrellas are a perfect blend of visibility and customization. They also can be closed or opened with the help of buttons or manually.

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3. single fold umbrella

Single Fold umbrellas are those which do not have any folding or it can be said that it can be folded only in one way. They usually are bigger than the normal umbrellas. These types of umbrellas were made in the initial stages when the umbrellas were made and in fashion.

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