10 Mesmerizing Lapel flowers For Men To Style With The Suit

Lapel flower adds color and style to a simple and sober outfit.  Nobody knows the exact reason wearing the lapel flower on the left lapel, but some say its romantic as the heart is on the left side as well. Lapel pin can be worn in two ways – with the pin showing or tucked it. The pin has a sharp end so one must be careful with it. If you are not sure with this accessory then you should first wear it to an informal event like a date or a night out with friends and then eventually make your way through formal events.

top 10 Lapel Flower you should be knowing

1. Landisun Lapel Flower

2. INNEE JEWELRY Lapel Flower

3. TopTie Lapel Flower

4. Weishang Lapel Flower

5. Pointed Designs Lapel Flower

6. Argositment Lapel Flower

7. Suuny Home Lapel Flower

8. FM42 Lapel Flower

9. kilofly Lapel Flower

10. 123Arts Lapel Flower


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