10 Stockman Hats For The Classy Gentleman Look

Stockman hats are made from pure fur felt of high is a little expensive because of its imperial quality material but it’s worth the piece. They have a pre creased telescope crown with narrow brim. The band of stockman hat can be decorated with leather strap, feathers, satin lining. The size of the brim is approx. 70mm. it gives excellent sun protection, Akubra fabric have currently UPF50+ ratings. They are water resistance, shower proof with water proofing solutions.

top 10 Stockman Hats you should be knowing

1. Conner Hats Stockman Hat

2. BC Stockman Hat

3. Akubra Stockman Hat

4. DelMonico Stockman Hat

5. Snowy River Stockman Hat

6. Pratesi Stockman Hat

7. RODEO KING Stockman Hat

8. Bailey Western Stockman Hat

9. Cagliostro Stockman Hat

10. Silver Belly Stockman Hat


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