10 Skinny Tie To Rock The Formal Look

coloured skinny necktie

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Skinny neckties are narrower than normal ties .they are generally black in color. There were originally worn by men 50’s-60’s, as the bands like Beatles used to wear them on stage. These ties are still popular among men. Men can wear them with formal/ everyday office wear or can wear them for nice night out/party wear. A skinny necktie gives men an edgy look with a simple tie. They look really great with a pair a jeans. Skinny neckties are made from varied materials. Some are solid colored black skinny toes made from leather while other were kitted from cotton and wool.

classy skinny necktie

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top 10 Skinny Neckties you should be knowing

1. K. Alexander Skinny Necktie

2. Proper Materials Skinny Necktie

3. Zakka Republic Skinny Necktie

4. Doninex Skinny Necktie

5. Retreez Skinny Necktie

6. Dan Smith Skinny Necktie

7. Jnjstella Skinny Necktie

8. zufei Skinny Necktie

9. Maikun Skinny Necktie

10. EasyJoy Skinny Necktie


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