2 Shaving Creams For A Flawless Face

Shaving Gel v/s Shaving Foam – Men’s Shaving Guide


Shaving cream is a beard grooming product that is applied on the beard before shaving. It is a blend of oils, soap and water. It lubricates the shaving process with help you for best shaving results. With the help of shaving brush shaving cream is applied on the beard, it softens the beard hair and makes it easy and painless to shave. Shaving cream boasts the keratin present in there, on your skin that is beneficial for the beard. Applying this cream desensitizes the skin which helps you get your shave done without hurting your skin and damaging it.

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Shaving Gel v/s Shaving Foam

1. Shaving gel

Shaving gel is a type of shaving cream in a gel form. It is a gel that is applied on the beard which does not have foam at initials but starts to foam when rubbed to skin and beard with the beard shaving brush. Because of its feature it is also called post-foaming shaving gel. It is used for wet shaving to gain rich lather for smooth shaving. Shaving gel is better than the regular shaving cream as it reduces the risk of Pseudofolliculitis barbae and also prevents it. Shaving gel gives better results so one should opt for it.

2. Shaving Cream Foam

Shaving cream a commonly dispensed as foam which is more easy, less messy and gentle to use while shaving. Shaving cream –foam softens the beard hair and lubricates the shaving process, if the beard hair are not soften they are tugged off buy the shavers and can hurt you. Foam instantly gives rich lather for perfect shaving. The cream works as a shield between the beard and the shaver with protects your skin from getting cuts shaving cream–foam avoids redness and itchiness after shaving your beard. All those who don’t want to keep rubbing shaving gel for lather shaving cream –foam is a good option.

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1. Shaving gel

2. Shaving Cream Foam


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