Top 10 Best Sailor Hats for Men

Sailor hats were first introduced by the Russian navy in September 1811 as a part of their uniform. During this period, the Russian navy wore uniform similar to the military. The bezkozyrka (non-peaked hat) was introduced instead of peaked cap as it was more practical for marine conditions. French navy’s version had a red pompom on top of the cap, which was introduced in 1848. Whereas a white cap with an uptight brim is worn by the United States navy.

top 10 Sailor Hats you should be knowing

1. Smiffy's Sailor Hat

2. Beistle Sailor Hat

3. Funny World Sailor Hat

4. Rothco Sailor Hat

5. CTM Sailor Hat

6. Jacobson Hat Company Sailor Hat

7. S Hat Sailor Hat

8. NJ Novelty Sailor Hat

9. Galaxy Army Navy Sailor Hat

10. Genuine Issue Sailor Hat


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