Top 10 Best Lotions for Men

Lotion is a skin care product that moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It is mainly a blend of carrier oils, essential oils, butter, Shea oil or cocoa oil which is completely natural and helps you get soft and smooth skin. It is very gentle soft and mild on the skin as it has a natural base and not a chemical base but it also varies from brand to brand, you should wisely opt for a good brands lotion. Lotions boost the blood flow of the skin which also results in growing new hairs. It gives you moisturized and hydrated skin without leaving behind oiliness or greasiness. Lotions provide your skin great nourishment that leads to fresh and glowing skin. It is very effective as it quickly heals your skin without any irritation, itchiness or burning sensation. Lotions protect your skin from damage from pollutants and also repairs damaged skin. It is advisable to use lotions to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

top 10 lotions you shoud be knowing

1. NIVEA lotion

2. Lubriderm lotion

3. Gold Bond Lotion

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4. Vaseline Men lotion

5. Bath & Body Works lotion

6. EveryOne Lotion

7. Neutrogena lotion

8. Fresh Balls Lotion

9. Man Lotion

10. Every Man Jack Lotion


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