8 Best Shampoos For Men For A Well Maintained Hair

Hair shampoo for men is a liquid used to clean and wash hair; it is mainly a blend of surfactants and co-surfactants. A hair shampoo has many qualities likes pleasing foam, thick or creamy feeling, ease of rinsing, low toxicity, minimal skin or eye irritation, pleasant fragrance, pH less than 7,good biodegradability, no damage to hair and repair damage already done. Some companies use all natural and organic ingredients which also differ from brand to brand. There are many specialized hair shampoo for men for different hair types to cure the hair problem accordingly as a regular shampoo can’t cure all hair related problems. One should opt for a hair shampoo keeping into consideration his hair type and hair problem he is facing for better results.

8 Must have hair shampoo for every man

1. Hair Shampoo for thinning hair

Thinning hair means you have thin hair and your hair density is also low. You need a shampoo that boosts regrowth, prevent hair fall and give your hair bounce. This can be done by using hair shampoo for men that are formulated for thinning hair.

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2. Hair shampoo for grey hair

Graying hair is due to aging or because of premature grey hair. To prevent graying hair you need to opt for shampoos that are specially designed for grey hair that will avoid premature grey hair and also prevent graying hair.

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3. Hair shampoo for oily hair

Oily and greasy hair is a result of build in sebum from the glands. Oily hair gives greasy, dirty and unmanaged look which can be fixed using a hair shampoo made to clean the scalp and get rid of over moisture at gives you oily hair.

4. Hair Shampoo for Hairloss

Hair loss is nothing but hair fall which needs to be controlled or else it can lead to baldness. Anti-hair fall shampoo helps you get thick, strong, healthy hair and also reduces hair fall. One should surly opt for such shampoos if facing hair loss.

5. hair shampoo for dandruff

Dandruff is a dead skin that sheds off from the scalp due to dry scalp, oily scalp, over moisturized scalp or mental stress. To avoid dandruff one should opt for anti-dandruff shampoo that prevents dandruff.

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6. Hair shampoo for dry hair

Dry hair often leads to rough, frizzy, split ends and breakage which damages your hair and needs proper maintenance. Hair shampoo for dry hair works best with oiling and conditioning giving your hair soft and smooth look.

7. hair shampoo for curly hair

Generally shampooing curly hair leads to frizz and dullness, which is why men don’t opt for shampoo but instead use cleansers. But with hair shampoo for curly hair one can get smooth, shiny and soft hair without any frizz or dullness.

8. hair shampoo for colored hair

Colored hairs are supposed to be best maintained to last your hair color longer without damaging the hair. Regular shampoos can damage your colored hair so it is better to use specially formulated hair shampoo for your colored hair.


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