10 Stylish Gauge Earrings Men To Flaunt Occassionaly

Gauge earrings do not make use of piercing technique but rather is worn by stretching the earlobe according to the shape and size of the earlobe. Gauges are usually bigger in size as that compared to a normal earrings. It comes in single piece and do not require any kind of pins or screw to hold it in place as a gauge is directly inserted into the gauge hole made in the earlobe. Gauge earrings are also known as plugs or tunnels and are available in materials such as glass, silicon, horn, bone, wood, etc. they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Gauges are very rarely used by people because of its stretching technique and are not advisable to younger people due to it health risks, rather people use fake gauges also called as screw shaped earrings.

top 10 Gauge earrings you should be knowing

1. Vcmart Gauge earrings

2. LIEBLICH Gauge earrings


4. PiercingJ Gauge earrings

5. YC_jewelry Gauge earrings

6. Zysta Gauge earrings

7. Pierced Owl Gauge earrings

8. Oasis Plus Gauge earrings

9. Pierced Art Trends Gauge earrings

10. Joybeauti Gauge earrings


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