3 Cufflinks To Shoot Up The Elegance

best cufflinks for men

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Cufflink is used to close the cuff of the shirt. They are a stylish substitute for button which are already sewed on the cuffs if the shirt. Cufflinks come in many different style, material, shapes and colour. It’s very tricky to pair cufflinks with cufflinks. They are very easy and simple to put on a shirt. You can go wild with the design, colour and size of the cufflinks but keeping in mind the shirt and occasion. Cufflinks are usually worn with formal or semi-formal outfits

classiest cufflinks for men

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4 Must Have Cufflinks for Every Man

1. Bullet Back Cufflinks

Bullet black cufflinks are one of the most commonly worn cufflinks because of its security and ease. They are very popular amongst men’s stylist. The post of this cufflinks is hollow and the frame of the post can be engraved. The closure is cylindrical in shape whether as the backing is in the shape of a bullet

2. Chain Cufflinks

Chain cufflinks are usually two identical decorative faces attached by a small length chain. They a loose fitted as compared to other style of cufflinks. Chain cufflinks are the most traditional style of cufflinks. There are variations of chain cufflinks, a small thin metal rod is used to loosely attach the two faces at the end.

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3. Silk Knot cufflinks

Silk knot cufflinks are cheaper alternative for regular cufflinks. Silk knots are generally Turk’s head knot or monkeys fist knot. It was first introduced in 1904 by Paris shirtmaker, Charvet. Generally double colored silk knots are paired with French cuff shirts rather than double-button cufflinks.


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