10 Cowboy Hats For The Outdoor Look

collection of cowboy hats

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High crown hats with wider brim were worn by horseback riders since the 13th century. Straw, leather or even fur based felt are used to make modern cowboy hats. These hats can be personalized by rounding of the brim and creasing the crown. Hat bands are also added for decorative purpose. Pastel colour cowboy hats were introduced in 1940’s which we worn my cowboys and rodeos in the movies.

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top 10 Cowboy Hats you should be knowing

1. Western Express Cowboy Hat

2. Silverado Cowboy Hat

3. grinderPUNCH Cowboy Hat

4. Stetson Cowboy Hat

5. Enimay Cowboy Hat

6. Rhode Island Novelty Cowboy Hat

7. Twister Cowboy Hat

8. MG Cowboy Hat

9. Deadwood Cowboy Hat

10. Tony Lama Cowboy Hat


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