10 Stylish Briefcases For The Classy Man

10 Stylish Briefcases for Men
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Briefcases are called so because lawyers used to carry brief in them to in the court. Businessmen and professional men use briefcase to carry their documents to work, and now-a-days people case their laptops and other electronic devices in them. A sleek briefcase must be part of a working man’s wardrobe. It makes men look sophisticated. Briefcases help men to carry his things in a proper manner and not just carrying them in their pocket or hand.  There are three types of briefcases: portfolio, folio case and attaché case. Portfolio briefcases are briefcases with no handle on them. They are either carried in hand or under the arm. Folio cases have a rectangular handle on it and a attaché case is a box shaped case made out of leather.

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top 10 Briefcases you should be knowing

1. Solo Grand Briefcase

2. Alpine Swiss Briefcase

3. RoadPro Briefcase

4. on Wheels Laptop Briefcase

5. Samsonite Briefcase

6. Gomangos Briefcase

7. Maxwell Scott Briefcase

8. Lorell Briefcase

9. Kenneth Briefcase

10. Vestil Briefcase


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10 Stylish Briefcases For The Classy Man
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Briefcases for men