10 Beard Combs To Maintain The Sexiness

wooden beard combs

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It is very important to tame your beard for managed and styled look. Beard comb is not the same as the regular hair comb it differs in many aspects. Beard comb are perfectly designed to tame and style your beard, they are available in different tooth width for different beard type. You should opt for a beard comb according to your beard length, type and coarseness. Beard comb is best for avoiding tangles and snag while combing your beard. Combing beard avoids ingrown hair and helps hair grow in the right direction. Beard comb is preferable for all men who grow beards and want to tame and style it for better look and appearance.

stylish beard combs

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2 must Have Beard comb for every man

1. wooden beard comb

Wooden beard comb is one of the most common grooming tool used by men, it is a good option for beard care. Wooden beard combs are hand crafted with great looks and designs. The tooth’s of the comb are crafted in a manner that they are not rough or jagged so that it does not tug your facial hair. Comb contains some oil because of its last use after applying beard oil or Beard balm. Wooden beard comb is better than plastic and steel comb as it gently combs your beard without hurt you or pulling out your facial hair. Wooden beard comb is a grooming tool which you should opt for.

2. Steel beard comb

Steel beard combs are not like the regular hair combs not only because they are made up of steel and other metals but also because they are the most long lasting beard combs which can be pass on to generations. Steel beard combs are hand crafted and have beautiful designs. It doesn’t have smooth teeth which have the possibility of tugging your facial hair. Steel beard comb are not as popularly used as that like plastic and wooden comb. Steel beard comb are finely crafted keeping into consideration is quality, tooth spacing, size and design.


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