10 Aviator Sunglasses To Have The Stylish Look

aviator sunglasses

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Aviators were originally made for the US air force. They were worn by the fighter pilots. Aviators have large lenses that are in the shape of a teardrop which is really good for pilots as it helps them to easily look down at their control panel and while still protecting their eyes from the bright sunlight. Aviators have a thin wire like frame, which is generally black or gold and any other dark shade, they are about thrice the size a human eye socket. Even today aviators are worn by pilots but they are also worn by civilians for fashion purpose and to add character to their personal style. They made popular after celebrities like Michael Jackson, Tom Perry, Kanye West, Jim Morrison started wearing them in public or even became part of their regular wardrobe. There are different styles of aviators; they are the classic teardrop style, the navigator which is a little square in shape than the teardrop or the sporty style.

classy aviator sunglasses

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top 10 aviator you should be knowing

1. Duduma aviator sunglasses

2. LUENX aviator Sunglasses

3. J+S Premium aviator Sunglasses

4. WearMe Pro aviator Sunglasses

5. Pro Acme aviator Sunglasses

6. MERRY'S aviator Sunglasses

7. WODISON aviator Sunglasses

8. WPF aviator Sunglasses

9. SojoS aviator Sunglasses

10. Ray-Ban aviator Sunglasses


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