10 Stylish Ways to Celebrate a Friends’ or Relatives’ Wedding Anniversary

It’s an exciting time when you get to celebrate your friends’ or relatives’ wedding anniversary. Whether the couple is celebrating their 2nd or 25th year together, it’s a good idea to offer them a thoughtful and memorable gift or gesture to commemorate this special occasion. 

How to Celebrate a Friends’ or Relatives’ Anniversary

It can be difficult to come up with ideas that are both meaningful and stylish, but we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 stylish ways to celebrate a friend or relative’s wedding anniversary. 

1. Home Decor 

Bring a home decor piece that reflects their style and interests. This could be a unique set of vases, rugs, or furniture. Browse your local stores to check out what’s available and find something appropriate for their home. Or, order the furniture online and have it delivered.

2. DIY Gift Basket 

Put together a custom gift basket filled with goodies that reflect their personalities, hobbies, and interests. Visit small local stores to find something unique such as custom art, handmade jewelry, or furniture. Include a heartfelt message or poem to make the gift more meaningful. 

Instead of a physical card, you can send an eCard that’s crafted specially for anniversaries. These anniversary cards are completely customizable and can include videos or gift cards.

3. Personalized Frame 

Choose a photo of the couple that captures a meaningful moment and have it framed in a beautiful way. There are many creative framing stores that use unique materials to make your frame stand out. Make sure the frame matches the rest of their decor and personal style.

4. Special Experience 

Give them the gift of an experience that they’d normally not be able to do. This could be something like a weekend getaway to a beach far away or a hot air balloon ride. Many people dream of doing something adrenaline-inducing, like skydiving, but are too afraid to try it.

But if you buy the experience for them, they’re more likely to try it for themselves. To make sure you get them the right gift, ask the couple about their bucket list or potential dream experiences.

5. Spa Day 

Treat the couple to a day of relaxation at a spa or beauty salon. Purchase a couple’s massage package or a luxe pampering package that includes options like skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, and a facial. Or, book them a hotel room at a location with an on-site spa room.

6. Restaurant Night 

Take the couple out for a night on the town and treat them to a delicious dinner at their favorite restaurant. Make sure to jot down some notes ahead of time regarding their favorite foods and drinks, so you can surprise them. Also, take notes of allergies or diet preferences they have.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider cooking the couple a homemade meal. Are they having a party instead? Ask each guest to bring a tasty dish, so you can have a potluck.

7. Cooking Class 

Surprise the couple with a cooking class at a popular restaurant. This can be a great way to learn new recipes and tips while socializing and having a good time. If they prefer to take a class online, buy a Masterclass taught by a celebrity chef, like Gordan Ramsay or Alice Waters.

8. Relaxing Getaway 

Organize a relaxing, private getaway in a secluded area that reminds them of their first destination together. This could be somewhere with a beautiful beach, mountains, or other natural attractions. To some, a relaxing getaway could mean flying to a city like Las Vegas.

If you know the couple very well, you could take them on an all-expense paid trip to a tropical location. Places like Cuba, Barbados, and Mexico have cheap vacation packages all year.

9. Art Piece 

Purchase a unique art piece that reflects their style and interests. This could be an interesting painting, sculpture, or wall decor that speaks to their personalities and tastes. Art doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You could get a professionally made art or painting print and frame it. 

10. Memory Book 

Make a custom memory book for the couple to remind them of their amazing life together. Include pictures, quotes, and stories about the couple. If possible, collect some trinkets that remind the couple of their time together, such as movie ticket stubs and handwritten notes.

If you don’t want to take the scrapbook approach, you can make a virtual memory book instead. Use drag-and-drop tools, like Canva, to make a book using templates and vector images.

In Conclusion…

Making an effort to celebrate a friend or relative’s wedding anniversary with a stylish gesture or gift can go a long way. From creative DIY gift baskets to special experiences to planning special getaways, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for the couple on their special day.