Why Your Online Shopping Never Goes the Way You Plan?

online shopping

Online shopping — that glorious innovation which enables people to purchase great products from the comfort of their homes. It’s convenient. It’s quick and it’s literally a click away. We’ve all succumbed to the temptation. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. The e-commerce boom has definitely altered the way we shop for the better. To be honest, online shopping has its perks. But, like all, the world of online shopping is not all roses. Inspite of all the endeavours of e-commerce industry to alleviate them, there are still issues that consumers have to face while shopping online. And ultimately, the consumers can never shop the way they plan!


Now, if we are on a budget, we usually take a step back before spending which is why we can never shop the way we plan. But, don’t worry; we do have a solution for you. If you’re looking to buy stuff in a bulk but in a much reduced rate, you can surely try out some of the best wholesale liquidation companies. Even few sites provide further discount on purchases from their mobile app.

The online world renders too many choices and it can be astonishing for the consumer to make a choice. Providing excessive choices without any choosing assistance is a root of great customer annoyance. Once buyers get really stressed out, there’s every possibility that this can chicken out them of a shopping decision.


Have you for once ordered apparel online, gave a trial and noticed it appears entirely different on you than it did on the model? I know we’ve all been there. Not getting an opportunity to physically try on and touch an item is feasibly one of the major cons of online shopping. Purchasing stuff online is that you have no assurance of an item’s quality. Reviews are not all the time reliable and all the research can’t assure you much. The verifications on registration are miserable and selling inferior quality in the name of brands is getting more and more frequent. Unable to receive clothes and footwear of proper sizes, is a different issue altogether faced by customers while shopping online.


Another important problem why people can never shop the way they plan is delivery and logistics. Several times, either the item is lost or spoiled while in transit, or order tracking mechanisms are incapable to precisely locate the package. However, these items usually do not get delivered within the specified time and shoppers have to wait for long before they ultimately receive their package. Another issue is that people residing in rural zones are not being able to shop online since not all e-commerce sites offer delivery services to their locations.


If a consumer is making payments by net banking, credit/debit card, or any one of the multiple digital wallets that currently exist, the failure of digital payments forever hovers overhead while making digital transactions. A weak internet connection or a technical glitch generally leads to payable price being debited from a consumer’s account without being credited to the seller. In such a case, consumers can get back this money refunded by making contact with the customer care of the company. It will take nearly 7-10 days for the amount to get refunded. Also, with online imposters growing rapidly, maximum consumers favour paying cash on delivery as they are sceptical about sharing their account details.


How often has it occurred that you’ve spotted a good deal on an item and when you’re just a click away from buying it you caught sight of an extra shipping charge? This is ordinary on all e-commerce websites when your order price isn’t pretty high enough to be eligible for free shipping. Websites conceal tax rates, supplementary shipping and handling costs from customers till shopping are finalised. Including hidden charges to the online shopping procedure, specifically at the very last move, implies that shoppers leave without making the purchase!


Several shopping sites do not even provide transparency and concision with their website policies for return and refund. It’s crucial to check the return policy before buying a product. But maximum websites have vague return policies that can deliver you with a poor-quality item and by no means return it. Even they will send the delivery boy when they feel suitable, almost never as per to the estimated time. This is among the greatest difficulties that numerous consumers face online. Few websites are also indistinct in terms of warranty and guarantee on items and shoppers usually end up buying defective stuff with no product warranty or replacement option.