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8 Trekking Destinations that will excite you to go on a trek.

Trekking, any trek lover here reading this will surely relate to this word and will exactly know how it feels like. Trekking is an adventure where you walk for hours into the nature to reach your destination point. Throughout this journey you experience the nature very closely and if the trekking spot is challenging then it’s like a cherry on top of the cake because the more challenging is the trek the more adventure you get to experience. Such kinds of treks make you feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood like never before and a trekking lover will surely agree with this. In case you are really willing to try this rush of adrenaline checkout these trekking destinations below.

8 Trekking Destinations that will excite you to go on a trek.

  • Kanchenjunga

    Bringing you the most adventurous trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp is trekking destination in Nepal which is 8568 meters. The levels of Kanchenjunga trek is moderate in beginning but gets challenging as you keep movie forward so for best for a super adventurous trekking experience.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek for super adventurous trekking experience

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  • Zanskar George Trek

    You must definitely plan a trek to Ladakh in winters, and here is the trekking destination Zanskar George trek. Nothing can match the experience of trekking over a river covered with a blanket of ice which is why Zanskar George trek is also known as Chadar trek.

    Why must you go for a trek there? Well, different about this location is that here some places are not covered with ice so every time you find such spot you have to change and a new point to trek where the Ice is stable which also makes it challenging one

Zanskar George Trek

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  • Markha Valley trek

    Trekking gets you one step closer to nature and Markha Valley trek is one of those famous treks that can do this perfectly. Situated between Zanskar and Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir Markha Valley has stunning nature landscapes and you get to experience the view of Ancient Buddhist monasteries which is why it is also known as little Tibet

  • Auli Gorson Bugyal

    Auli being the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand so you shouldn’t really miss out on trekking in here. A person who has somewhat experience in trekking can go for a trek in Auli Gorson Bugyal as its difficulty level is moderate.

  • Doon Valley Trek

    Here Uttarakhand offers another trekking destination which is Doon Valley Trek. Doon Valley Trek or Har Ki Dun Valley is a jaw dropping experience with views of Himalayan Peaks. The Journey of this Trek offers you the most amazing experience of diverse flora and fauna of this region.

Doon Valley Trek

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  • Clouds End Trek

    As kids we always wanted to feel how it is to be over the clouds and here we got a chance so feel it in real Clouds End Trek will fulfil your wish. Spread across 2000 Acers in Mussoorie where the clouds are hovering all over clouds end trek is so much worth your visit.

  • Nanda Devi East BC and Milam glacier

    People who have some kind of trekking experience or even have any knowledge about trekking will know how much trek lovers love this trekking destination. 2nd highest peak in India Nanda Devi East BC trek is the most difficult trek includes days of walking and through the trek the views are breath taking of alluring peaks and Glaciers.

  • Adi Kailash trek

    Far from the city into the peaceful nature plan a trek to Adi Kailash. From snow-clad mountains of Annapurna to dense forest, shimmering waterfalls and soothing peaceful calm vibe Adi Kailash Trek has it all for you and it worth a take.

That was a list of some amazing trekking destinations that make you feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood. Let us know what you have to say about this. You may also like these

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