What Should You Study to Become a Fashion Designer?

Behind the catwalk shows, the magazine reports, or the photos of celebrities wearing models at awards shows, there are many hours of work and effort to make sure that everything turns out as well as possible. For the result to be perfect, it is necessary that the designer learns to use all the tools at his disposal, knows the history of fashion, and knows which are the most important styles of the moment.

Every good fashion designer has to know the materials and techniques of tailoring, as well as the ways of making patterns and the technology available to them. In this article, we explain what you have to study to become a fashion designer.

How to be a fashion designer?

To recognize how to be a fashion designer, it must be kept in mind that it is a career where you must be creative, passionate, vision, skills, and abilities for business, design, be a good draftsman or at least have the ability to start between one of the short careers to establish themselves in the market.

These are the main characteristics that anyone who wants to enter the world of fashion must have, not necessarily all the characteristics but some of them, since with studies and training they are acquired in time.

It is a charming profession but in the same way, you must keep in mind that because of so much competition you can find obstacles that want to knock down the work you have done with so much effort, therefore, it requires a lot of security and firmness in itself.

Likewise, you must be assertive to receive proposals or suggestions without letting any comment or outrage affect you, you must remember that the competition is on the other side of your success.

Academic training of a fashion designer

Currently, there is an extensive range of fashion design courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as master’s degrees in fashion design. Students are expected to write various research papers, essays, and dissertations. Many of them ask special services to write my essay because they want to focus more on practice.

University degrees

The university degrees demand to reach 240 ECTS credits. Commonly they have permanence of 4 to 5 years, nevertheless, it is useful to have at hand the credential of completed studies of baccalaureate.

Postgraduate and Master’s Degrees

This type of advanced training to become a fashion designer requires the credential of a university degree. Overall, professional preparation in fashion design is also a good alternative to advance to these master or doctoral levels.

  • Fashion Apparel Technician. This technical degree refers to a middle cycle of the career, courses, workshops that can last a maximum of 2,000 academic hours. In the case of being able to access university level. Where they will teach you about the manipulation and maintenance of the working tools, fabrics, and the making of the patterns.
  • Superior technician in pattern making and fashion. It is considered a higher university technician, lacking two years to reach the degree. In this technician, you get different techniques of dressmaking and pattern making. It lies in preparation at the industrial and business level for the various agreements that the house of studies may have with marketing firms.

Courses to start as a fashion designer

One of the first courses for fashion designers, mainly for those who are starting out, is the textile and fashion design course. Through these studies, you will be able to reach form ideas, start an evolution by creating, exploring, practicing, and being able to produce. At the end of this course, you will be able to start turning what you have learned into real costumes, textiles, fabrics, or accessories.

1. Styling and fashion marketing

Another reference course for anyone starting a career is the fashion styling and marketing course. If will facilitate to discover the different trends, implement marketing strategies and specialize in styling, where you will learn:

  • Recognize and identify the different trends, apply them thoroughly and discover future fashions.
  • To seek inspiration from artistic sources and use them in your styling.
  • Expand styling and fashion plans
  • Transform marketing skills applied to fashion.

2. Fashion design and creation course

With this superior study of fashion design and creation, you will get the important knowledge and skills to expand your fashion projects and will be empowered to develop a professional career working in the area of preference. Moreover, you’ll be able to start your own fashion business. The objectives of this course:

  • Develop all the stages of your own fashion plan, from the previous exploration of customer trends and the needs of each of them.
  • Drawing and complete graphic expression, reaching the final formation of ideas and personal mode, using for this purpose creative visual communication skills.

3. A course of contemporary fashion history

This study of contemporary fashion history will consent you to set your own pace and recognize the progress of fashion creators throughout the current history, referring with the support of educators and tutors of great prestige. 

With this preparation, you will be able to analyze and research in totality about the progress of style and visual typologies throughout the history of contemporary fashion. You will learn and recognize different aesthetic and practical concepts of fashion design and will be able to use them during the development of your professional career.

4. Superior Pattern Making Course

Through this course, you will learn the various fundamental and complicated techniques of the creation of templates for all types of costumes, and you will become a career with great demand in the labor field. The objectives of this study are:

  • You learn the task of textile pattern maker, learning not only the main equipment but in the same way the essential and complicated techniques and processes to modify, compose and transform all types of garments.
  • You will learn the steps to establish, create and innovate and cut all kinds of patterns and confection of your models and collections of garments with the skills that you will have for having become a professional pattern maker.

If you are passionate about the world of style, fashion, creativity and innovation, this career is definitely the right choice for you to plan for future growth and economic evolution, where fashion is constantly changing and allowing for evolution in any of its areas. Get a professional education and go for it!