Top 4 Commercial Espresso Machines in 2024

So your café is swamped, and everything you pour an espresso shot into is absolutely killing it. How cool would that be? 

Well, to transform these dream-like thoughts into reality, you need the best commercial espresso machine. 

But how do you choose with so many options around? 

This is not just a coffee machine, it’s the perfect one. A creation that not only prepares an espresso but creates its own world for both clients and baristas. 

As daunting as that sounds, don’t worry: there are plenty of options on the market. (I went ahead and did all the scouring for you.) 

After all of my research, comparisons, and hands-on testing, I bring you the best commercial espresso machine brands for 2024. 

The reliability of the “big” brands is very good, and they consistently deliver precise coffee from their machines. 

Whether you run a busy café, require an alternative extraction point in a cozy coffee corner, or are developing a mobile coffee cart, there is something for you. 

Machine Model  

Unique Features 





Energy Efficiency 

User Feedback 

La Marzocco Strada EP 

Advanced pump control, pressure profiles, separate boilers  

Auto-clean, dual steam wands  

High: programmable recipes, multiple profiles  

Moderate: multiple boilers  

Highly positive: precision, quality 



Rancilio Epoca S1 

Compact, optional pod adaptor 

Manual, water level indicator 

Low: manual operation  

High: efficient for small setups 

Positive: affordability, compactness 

Jura GIGA 10 

Superautomatic, touchscreen, dual hoppers 

Minimal, built-in filtration 

Moderate: 35 drink recipes  

High: energy-saving features 

Positive: user-friendly, versatile 

Nuova Simonelli Wave  

Volumetric dosing, dual steam wands  

Auto backflush, ergonomic 

Moderate: preinfusion, dosing  

Moderate: stable temp control  

Positive: consistency, design

La Marzocco Strada EP 

This espresso machine is like the Ferrari of espresso machines. It costs $20,500, but if you own a bustling coffee shop, this model is what you need. The Strada EP allows you to customize everything.  

You can adjust pressure and temperature on an advanced level with electronic pump control and a PID controller. One of the best things about this machine is that every part has its own boiler, and you can set up to four different pressure profiles. This is great for high-end coffee shops. 

The machine is designed to make a barista’s job easier. It has two boilers, two steam wands, an automatic cleaning button, and extra displays for each part. You can also customize an endless number of coffee recipes, allowing you to make drinks quickly and consistently.  

This espresso machine also looks great. It has exposed parts that look cool and a large stainless steel cup warmer.  

There are different versions of the Strada EP, so you can choose which size is best for your shop. Some models even have a scale in the drip tray instead of regular controls, which is very convenient. 

So even though this espresso machine is extremely expensive, it is the best choice for busy coffee shops that want to serve the best espresso. 


  • Advanced customization options 
  • PID temperature control 
  • Dual boilers
  • Stylish design 


  • Very pricey
  • Perhaps Not ideal for more casual coffee programs 

Rancilio Epoca S1 

If you’re in the market for a less expensive commercial espresso machine, the Rancilio Epoca S1 is an excellent pick. Coming in at $3,600, this is the most budget-friendly choice on my compilation and would be just perfect for small coffee shops or a mobile espresso cart, as it can also be equipped with a converter for 110V circuits. 

The best thing about the Epoca S1 is its size. It’s small enough to fit on nearly any surface—you won’t need a massive slab of counter space. However, it is too small for big coffee shops with a huge number of customers. 

The Epoca S1 is a manual machine, and that makes the experience a little different. While it will take a bit of training for baristas to wield properly, an integrated pressure gauge and water level indicator make certain elements super accessible. For the seasoned pro, they can usually pull excellent espresso shots more often than not. 

One cool feature is the optional pod adaptor, which you can purchase for an additional cost. This makes the machine even easier to use if you’ve never made espresso before. 

The Epoca S1 also allows for several types of installation. It can simply connect to your water line or run using its built-in water tank. This flexibility makes it a great option if you don’t want it to stay in just one spot. 

Overall, the Rancilio Epoca S1 is an affordable, simple machine for a small coffee shop or portable setup that provides both manual control while making the process generally easy. 


  • Affordable 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Optional pod adaptor 


  • Small capacity 
  • Only manual espresso shots 

Jura GIGA 10 

If you’re in the market for a space-saving, entry-level espresso machine, then we recommend choosing the Jura GIGA 10. At just $4,889.95, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly commercial machines and a great fit for office break rooms as well as small inns or restaurants that don’t see especially heavy coffee traffic.. 

The superautomatic—meaning it pretty much does everything , features a touchscreen that is downright user-friendly, with 35 options (including cold-brew). 

Like the former, it has two hoppers and a built-in grinder. Better yet, you can utilize just a single variety of coffee beans or mix up two different kinds for a unique brew profile. 

Its water reservoir is substantially smaller, with a capacity to hold up to 88 ounces, which means you can’t use it for a busy cafe. But it’s great for low-volume areas. To top it off, the Jura GIGA 10 has its own built-in water filtration system, ensuring your coffee tastes exactly as it should. 

A handy feature is the adjustable coffee spout, which extends to a height of 6 inches for taller cups. Despite having a lot of plastic, it has a modern and fairly attractive design. 

In conclusion, the Jura GIGA 10 is ideal for small to medium-volume sites that are looking for a straightforward and efficient machine. 

Not only is it easy to train on, but it’s user-friendly as well. With just a few taps of the touchscreen, you can take your pick from any drink presentation you desire. 


  • Affordable and compact 
  • Superautomatic with two hoppers and built-in grinder 
  • 35 drink recipes 
  • Touch screen brewing 
  • Built-in water filtration 


  • Small capacity 
  • Lots of plastic 

Nuova Simonelli Wave 

The Nuova Simonelli Wave is an excellent option for medium-volume cafes in the market for a durable, multifaceted, beautiful machine.  

At $10,500, it’s definitely not cheap for a single boiler machine. However, with all the bells and whistles mentioned here, we think this price tag is pretty solid compared to some other models out there willing to charge you an arm and a leg. 

One of the Wave’s most notable features is its volumetric dosing, which allows each espresso shot to be easily calibrated and consistently dialed in. This latest model also has dual steam wands, enabling baristas to make more than one milk-based beverage at a time. 

It offers LCD displays with intuitive, easy-to-use controls. 

Features such as automatic backflushing and preinfusion ensure that baristas have something useful to work with. All these functions support the cleanliness of the machine and promote excellent extraction, ensuring you receive great shots. 

Overall, the Wave is probably not ideal for high-volume shops, as this machine only has one boiler. However, it has excellent temperature stability, and if you’re pulling shot after shot of espresso and want to keep them consistent in quality, this is the machine for you. 

Its durable and ergonomic build can easily bear the challenging requirements of any café on a daily basis. 

The Nuova Simonelli Wave is a reliable, attractive, and well-constructed espresso machine that is ideal for medium-volume cafes. With its advanced functionalities and ease of use, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to serve good quality coffee day in and day out. 


  • Stylish and classic design 
  • Durable and ergonomic construction 
  • Volumetric dosing 
  • Dual steam wands 


  • Not ideal for high-volume shops 
  • Single boiler 

Finding the right commercial espresso machine can turn your café into any coffee lover’s dream. So we’ve looked at some of the best brands out there, and no doubt, each one has its distinct characteristics and advantages. 

The highly customizable, aesthetically pleasing Strada EP is an impressive fit for high-volume but quality-first coffee shops. 

If you are looking for a budget and space-friendly option for your low-volume shop or portable espresso cart, the Rancilio Epoca S1 is your choice. 

When you have cafes that require an easy-to-use machine packed with a broad range of drinks while remaining low-volume, the Jura GIGA 10 will fit like a glove. 

The Nuova Simonelli Wave is recommended for medium-volume cafes due to its sleek and robust build quality, as per usual from this manufacturer, combined with the reliable factor of high consistent performance and advanced features. 

Good luck! May your espresso be strong and your lattes creamy, with happy customers aplenty.